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Benefits of the Authenticator App over SMS
Verification Guide for U.S. Customers
Selfie with a card FAQ
What is TIN?
Password requirements and recommendations
How to disable 2FA on my CEX.IO account?
How to Enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for Your CEX.IO Account
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What will I get if I pass AML/KYC check?
What are AML and KYC?
The following countries and territories are currently not supported by CEX.IO
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Payment Card Verification Guide
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Why was my card verification rejected?
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I think my account got hacked, what do I do?
I’ve got an Authorization email but I didn’t log in. What to do?
What do I do if My 2FA token is always invalid?
Getting Started
How do I recover access to my account?
What is wrong with my documents for verification?
Identity verification on CEX.IO
What do I do if my phone is lost or damaged?
Guide to Enhanced Verification via the Web
Multiple account owners
How do I find my User ID/Username?
How to make ID confirmation photos
Two-factor authentication (2FA) troubleshooting tips
[Google Authenticator 2FA] How to restore access to your account with the backup key
How to change password for your CEX.IO account
Address verification on CEX.IO
How can I change my email?
Why do we ask to confirm the origin of funds?
How to change your phone number for receiving 2FA codes
How to protect against spoofing attacks