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Password requirements and recommendations
Password requirements and recommendations
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To start using CEX.IO products and services, you need to create an account protected by a strong password.

Find below some essential requirements and recommendations for a password to your CEX.IO account.

Your password must contain:

  1. Only Latin characters

  2. At least 8 characters

  3. At least one uppercase letter

  4. At least one lowercase letter

  5. At least one number

  6. At least one special character

If you forgot the password, here’s how to change the password for your CEX.IO account.

Additional recommendations:

  • Do not create the same passwords for your email and other services.

  • Use password manager apps such as KeePassXC to generate complicated random passwords. Doing so will keep your passwords in a safe place without the fear of losing or someone guessing them. In such apps, you can generate 64-characters and longer passwords.

If you do not want to use a password manager, here are some tips for creating a password yourself:

  • Use nonsensical phrases

  • Use a few misspelled words

  • Use capital letters, numbers, and special characters randomly, without any succession and order

  • Come up with phrases that you will remember but others will have no idea about associating these phrases with you

  • Avoid famous quotes

Remember, even a perfect password is not a guarantee of your complete safety online. We recommend using all our security features including 2FA protection. You can connect it to your CEX.IO account and to the email account as well.

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