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How do I recover access to my account?
How do I recover access to my account?
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You may require access recovery if you have lost some of your login credentials. First, check the following articles:

Still can't do it. Please help!

If you are unable to restore the access yourself, you will need our assistance to reset some of your credentials. We adhere security of your account, thus all of the info requested should be provided via chat in order to prove the ownership:

1) username;
2) phone number linked to your CEX.IO account (together with the country code);
3) do you have access to this phone number now?;
4) details of your latest transactions (time and date, currency, amount, transaction type: deposit or withdrawal/trading, etc) Example: 22 March 2019, 2.00456 BTC, deposit;
5) residential address, used for verification. If you have not applied for verification yet, provide us with your current residential address (Country, City, Street). Example: 24th Floor One Canada Square, Canary Wharf London E14 5AB, United Kingdom;
6) issuing banks names of all your payment cards linked to CEX.IO account (in case if you have ever passed the Card Verification with us) Example: Barclays Bank, Bank of England.

As per our KYC policies, you will also be asked to provide:

  • A separate photo of the valid government-issued identification document with a sheet of paper which reads: "CEX.IO, 2FA disable" + your name and the current date. Examples include a Driving Licence, Passport, or National ID Card.

  • A photo of you holding the same document next to a sheet of paper which reads: "CEX.IO, 2FA disable" + your name and current date; that is your selfie with the document and a sheet of paper with handwritten text.

Please make sure that the document was not issued more than 10 years ago and is not expired, hence the issue and expiry dates should be clearly visible.

Once you provide all of the above-mentioned information, it will be reviewed. However, if any additional details are needed, you will receive a reply requesting this information.

For higher security measures of your account, we may give you a call and ask you to send us a video in addition to all the above.

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