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Getting Started
Getting Started

Below is a brief guide on how to utilize CEX.IO core services, buy and trade cryptocurrencies.

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Knowing where to begin in the crypto ecosystem can be difficult without a trusted guide. Since 2013, we’ve been refining an intuitive suite of user-centric crypto products that’s kept pace with emerging opportunities. Whether you’re an experienced trader or new to the digital economy, we can help you write the next chapter of your crypto journey.

Below is a brief guide on how to utilize our core services. Please note that the accessibility of products, services, and digital assets is subject to jurisdictional limitations in every region. You may also refer to the table of contents to the right, to chart your own pathway through our product ecosystem.

Step 1: Registration

To embark on your crypto journey with CEX.IO, you’ll need to create an account and verify your identity. Here’s how to do that in five (5) minutes or less:

Create an account

  1. Click the Register button in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Enter your email address and create a password.

Remember: A strong password is the first line of defense for your account. Consider protecting it with:

  • 10 or more characters

  • One lowercase Latin letter

  • One uppercase Latin letter

  • A number

  • A special symbol like @, #, $, &

3. Choose a country of residence.

As we mentioned above, CEX.IO works closely with regulators to ensure the availability of our products aligns with current jurisdictional requirements. This step is necessary to verify that we can legally provide services in your area.

4. Confirm you are at least 18 years old and accept Terms of Use.

Also, if you want to stay tuned to the latest news and CEX.IO promo campaigns, agree to receive occasional emails by clicking the box.

5. Click Create your account.

For access to our institutional-grade crypto services, select Create a business account during the registration stage.

6. Confirm your Email address

At this point, we’ll send an email to the address associated with your new CEX.IO account. To complete the registration process, open the email from any device and click on the confirmation button inside.

The email address you provided will be the main communication channel for company updates, important information regarding your account, and if you elect to receive our weekly digests, and/or the latest crypto news. By confirming your email address, you’ll receive payment confirmations and account change notifications in a timely manner.

7. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

We strongly encourage all users to enable two-factor authentication and add an extra layer of protection to their crypto journey. These unique, one-time passwords can help keep your funds and information safe from bad actors.

You can enable 2FA in the Security tab of the Profile menu, located in the upper right corner of the CEX.IO website.

The codes can be delivered by SMS or via an authenticator app. For additional account protection, click Enable, or follow this guide for further instructions.

Please note: If you choose to use a third-party authenticator app (for example, Google Authenticator), consider downloading and saving your 2FA backup key. This is imperative to have on hand when changing devices in the future, or enabling account recovery in the event of a lost phone.

Step 2: Verify your identity

In order to comply with KYC/AML requirements and ensure the health and security of our product ecosystem, we require all customers to complete the identity verification process.

We’ve designed an intuitive flow and interface, and partnered with clever solutions to expedite procedures. Reviewing the instructions ahead of time can help get you verified in five (5) minutes or less.

Furthermore, the verification process may also be completed in the Exchange App. For some users, taking and sharing the necessary photos is more convenient with a smartphone.

Once your account is verified, you’ll receive an email notification signalling that you can buy, sell, convert, and store cryptocurrencies.

Now, let’s learn how to fuel your account with a host of preferred payment methods.

Step 3: Fund your wallet

CEX.IO was the first crypto exchange that made it possible to buy crypto with debit and credit cards. Furthermore, we built robust relationships with banks and regulators to enable multiple payment instruments throughout our ecosystem.

Top up account balance with a debit/credit card

CEX.IO Wallet is your one-stop shop for all deposit and withdrawal operations. It’s available on both the homepage of our website, and through our all-in-one CEX.IO App on smartphones and tablets.

How to add payment methods

  1. On the Wallet page, click Add funds in the upper corner, then select the currency you wish to deposit under the account dashboard.

2. Confirm your selection, and then click Select payment method.

3. Card deposits, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are available for users who’ve completed the verification process. To access wire transfers and alternative payment methods, eligible participants must complete the Address verification process for additional due diligence.

When you choose a Credit/Debit Card, you’ll be asked to provide card details to link it to your CEX.IO account. Follow this guide to add debit cards in a few clicks, and enjoy instant fiat deposits.

Customers can link multiple virtual or physical cards to their account. However, please note that only personal cards are allowed. They must be issued in the name of the account holder: using payment methods belonging to friends or relatives is strictly prohibited.

Payment card verification usually takes five minutes to complete. If all required information was entered correctly and your bank approves the transaction, your card will become available across our product ecosystem.

How to deposit fiat funds

Go to the Wallet page, click Add funds in the upper right, and then click on Select Payment Method to choose which to use for this transaction. After that:

1. Enter the amount you wish to deposit in the “You will get” field.

2. Check the fee and commission*.

The total amount payable is indicated under the deposit amount in the "You will send" field. The Total amount under the Proceed button shows how much will be credited to your account.

*Visit our Limits and Commissions page to learn more about your account limits, payment methods available in your area, and commissions applicable for fiat and crypto transactions.

3. Click Proceed.

4. Verify the payment details, and then click Confirm Deposit.

How to deposit crypto

Sending cryptocurrencies to CEX.IO is a similar process to depositing fiat funds. The only difference is that you need to use your CEX.IO wallet address for the chosen cryptocurrency. Here’s how it works:

1. To select the currency you wish to deposit, click the Wallet card on our home page and use the search bar below your balance dashboard.

2. After that, click Add funds near the currency of your deposit. Alternatively, you can click the same button in the upper right.

3. Next, click Select payment method and choose Deposit address.

4. On the next page, copy the wallet address and use it to transfer the selected cryptocurrency from your external crypto account.

Step 4: Buy crypto

Once your account is fueled with funds, it’s time to take an exciting tour through our ecosystem. The first station for most newcomers is our Instant Buy service, where users can quickly and smoothly receive their first crypto, and start building their portfolio.

Before making a purchase, you can study and compare cryptocurrency prices in real time for all assets available in your jurisdiction.

The Instant Buy page is located in the Products menu. It’s the first one in the For Everyone column.

Below is a detailed guide on how to buy digital assets with CEX.IO.

Instantly buy with a card

Our Instant Buy service provides customers with a speedy on-ramp to purchase crypto assets with fiat funds supported in your region. The trick here is to choose the asset you want to buy, and the currency you want to pay with:

  1. Click on the currency ticker in the “You receive field to open the list of available assets, and pick up the one you want to buy. BTC is the default choice.

In the same way, you can choose the fiat currency to pay with.

2. Alternatively, you can also opt for one of the ready-to-buy packs. Otherwise, enter the custom amount of crypto you want to receive, or how much fiat you wish to spend. Click Buy to proceed.

The price is calculated automatically and updated in real time according to changes on the market. For ease of purchase, the service commission is already factored into the price.

3. On the next page, select a linked payment method, or add a new card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Skrill account to your profile.

Please note that the availability of assets and payment methods depends on your jurisdiction. For more information, please visit our Limits and Commissions page.

4. Verify the amount of your payment and click Proceed to confirm the transaction. A pop-up window will provide the details of your purchase.

5. Click Buy to confirm.

To pay with a card, have your CVV code ready to confirm the transaction. Once completed and approved by your bank, your purchase will be credited to your CEX.IO balance.

Step 5: Trade crypto (Spot Trading)

Trade functionality is available on our award-winning CEX.IO Spot Trading platform. It provides advanced order execution and deep liquidity packed into an intuitive, all-in-one interface.

A direct link to the trading terminal is provided in the Products drop-down menu on any CEX.IO webpage. You can find it under the For Traders column.

After successfully adding funds to your trading account, you can place Market, Limit, and Stop Limit orders to buy or sell over 120 digital assets.

Below you can find articles that can be your navigator in our crypto trading universe:

In fact, our Help Center is an invaluable outlet for traders at every stage of their crypto journey. To always have the answers you need right at your fingertips, consider bookmarking our official channels and resources, like CEX.IO University.

Mobile crypto trading with CEX.IO

The CEX.IO Exchange App provides users with quick access to our ecosystem via its convenient mobile interface. Eligible users can utilize our services across a variety of cryptocurrencies, monitor prices, and access the trading terminal from anywhere they have an internet connection.

The application is available for iOS and Android devices. To enjoy on-the-go access, download the app and connect a new smartphone using the CEX.IO Mobile tab.

Step 6: Earn crypto rewards

Depending on the jurisdictional limitations in your region, crypto owners can take advantage of our Staking and Savings services available through CEX.IO Earn to receive regular crypto rewards and grow their holdings.

To start earning, users need to deposit or buy stakeable assets and transfer them to a dedicated staking or savings account.

Our Earn product offers flexible terms that allow customers to maximize potential rewards based on their own financial goals and appetite for risk. Rewards are calculated every hour, while redeem and withdrawal features remain available at any time.

Note: CEX.IO Earn is currently not available in the U.S. Check the list of supported jurisdictions here.

Step 7: Become an affiliate partner

By joining the CEX.IO Affiliate program, you’ll receive a complementary link to share with your social network. In turn, you’ll earn rewards whenever someone accesses our services, trades, or buys crypto via your affiliate link.

Affiliate rewards are calculated instantly for qualifying trades and purchases as a fraction of the fees and commissions on any transactions that arrive from your network.

Banners, landing pages, and blog posts, and social media campaigns can all be utilized to attract audiences to explore CEX.IO via your affiliate link.

The web content provided by CEX.IO is for educational purposes only. The information and tools provided neither are, nor should be construed as, an offer, or a solicitation of an offer, or a recommendation, to buy, sell or hold any digital asset or to open a particular account or engage in any specific investment strategy. Digital asset markets are highly volatile and can lead to loss of funds.

The availability of the products, features, and services on the CEX.IO platform is subject to jurisdictional limitations. To understand what products and services are available in your region, please see our list of supported countries and territories. This page includes additional links to information about individual products, and their accessibility.

CEX.IO Corp. is not a registered broker-dealer or FINRA member. Crypto is not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

Taxes may be payable on any return and/or on any increase in the value of your digital assets and you should seek independent advice on your tax obligations.

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