At CEX.IO, we’re keen on keeping your accounts safe. Therefore, we’ve implemented various security procedures on our platform.

When you need to disable two-factor authentication (2FA), disable your Withdrawal Pin Code (WPC), or change the email address associated with your account, we’ll ask you for ID confirmation photos and account-related information to make sure the request is really coming from you.

After thoroughly analyzing these requests, we’ve noticed that the major reason for their delayed processing is improperly taken photos. To help you save time, we’ve prepared guidelines to taking these photos.

To disable 2FA or your WPC or to change your email address, sign in to our Help Center and fill out a request form, provide all the information requested, and attach the following required photos:

  • Photo of your ID document next to a handwritten note
  • Photo of you holding your ID document and the handwritten note next to your face

Before you start:

  1. Collect your ID document, a piece of paper, and a pen

Your ID document can be one of the following:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • National ID card

2. Write a note

Pay close attention to the text of the note. Make sure what you write corresponds with the matter of your request.

Depending on your request, the text on the note should be:

Here are the requirements for the note

Take photos of:

  1. Your ID document next to the note

Put your ID document next to the note on a flat surface and take a photo. Both the ID document and the note must be in the same photo.

2. Yourself holding the same ID document and the same note next to your face

You can take a selfie using your mobile phone or web camera, or you can ask a friend or family member to take a photo of you holding the documents.

  • Hold both the ID document and the note in one hand next to your face
  • Face the camera directly
  • Don’t cover your face with the note or document

Photo requirements

That’s it!

We hope you succeed in taking the required photos! This way we can successfully resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

If you’re unsure about the photos you’ve already provided, don’t worry. Our Support Team will contact you for clarification if required. Make sure to check your email.

Safe trading!

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