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Two-factor authentication (2FA) troubleshooting tips
Two-factor authentication (2FA) troubleshooting tips
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At CEX.IO, we understand how important it is to safeguard our platform and our customers’ funds. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account. With 2FA enabled, it takes two steps to log in to your account. In the first step, you enter your login and password; in the second step, you supply another piece of information to prove that it’s you who’s trying to log in.

On CEX.IO, this piece of information is a 2FA token, which you can receive either via SMS or via the Google Authenticator application.

Depending on the 2FA code delivery method, you may face some issues related to the Google Authenticator app or your mobile service provider. To help you save time, we’ve prepared a list of the most frequent situations with 2FA and troubleshooting steps to sort them out.




SMS doesn't arrive

  • Most of the time, the problem with the delivery takes place on the side of the mobile providers and is resolved in a matter of hours.

  • The mobile provider can redirect the code to some messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, etc) installed on your phone. Make sure to check them.

  • Your device’s SMS inbox might be full. Try to delete some messages from your inbox and request a code again.

My 2FA token is invalid

  • This may occur if the SMS code is delivered late and has already expired. Check the messages' delivery status with the mobile provider.

  • Overloaded cache and cookies may lead to broken browsing sessions and page elements. Just clear them and reload a browser.

  • Browser extensions and content blockers can inadvertently cut off your access to some sites or content. Please disable them and reload a browse.

I’ve changed my phone number and don’t have access to the old number

If you’ve changed your phone number and don’t have access to the old number, you’ll need to request 2FA deactivation.

I’ve changed or lost my device but have access to the old phone number

You will be able to receive 2FA tokens via SMS without any issues.

Google Authenticator

My 2FA token is invalid

  • Invalid tokens can be caused by incorrect device time settings. Make sure your clock shows the correct local time, date, and time zone to work properly.

- If you’re using an Android phone, you can correct any time errors inside the Google Authenticator app. To do so, go to Settings and select Time correction for codes. Then tap Sync now.

- If you use an iPhone, set it to the internet time to make sure the clock is synced properly. Check that in your phone settings: go to General → Date & Time → Set Automatically.

  • The 2FA token has already expired by the time you finished entering it.

The Google Authenticator App changes tokens every 30 seconds. If you start entering a token when it’s about to change, it may become invalid before it’s submitted. In this case, simply enter the token again right after it changes.

  • You accidentally entered the wrong 2FA token.

If you have two or more 2FA codes for your CEX.IO account or have codes for other resources in Google Authenticator, it’s easy to accidentally enter a wrong 2FA code. Just try again and make sure you enter the right one.

Note: You can have two or more 2FA tokens for your CEX.IO account if you disable and re-enable 2FA and don’t delete the previous tokens after doing so. Make sure to keep only the current 2FA token for your CEX.IO account in the Google Authenticator app on your device.

I’ve lost/changed/upgraded my device or Google Authenticator app but I have my backup key

If you have a saved backup key, you’ll be able to recover access to your account easily. To do so:

  • Download the Google Authenticator app to your device

  • Manually enter the backup key in the app to add your CEX.IO account

I’ve lost/changed/upgraded my device or Google Authenticator app and don’t have my backup key

If you’ve lost your backup key and don’t have access to your 2FA code, you’ll need to request 2FA deactivation.

I want to move my 2FA tokens to a new device and still have the old device

You’ll need to deactivate 2FA, then enable it again using your new device (and save the key).

  1. Log in to your CEX.IO account using your username/password and the 2FA code from your old device

  2. Go to Profile → Security

  3. Select Edit Settings → Deactivate 2FA

  4. Then re-enable 2FA, choosing the smartphone app option

  5. Download the backup key and save it

  6. Scan the QR code with your new device to enable 2FA

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