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How to submit a selfie with a card (FAQ)
How to submit a selfie with a card (FAQ)

To verify your debit/credit card, you may be asked to upload a selfie of yourself holding the card. Here is how to do this.

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How to submit a selfie with a card

Submit a selfie with a card in just a few quick steps:

  • Go to the Notification Center in your Profile menu.

  • Click the Upload button next to the selfie request.

  • Select the necessary files. You can upload photos in JPG, GIF, PNG, or PDF formats that are no larger than 10 MB. For more help, watch our YouTube video guide.

If you still have questions about the process, find more details below.

To verify your debit/credit card as a payment method on CEX.IO, you may be asked to upload a selfie of yourself holding the card. Here is how to do this for both physical and virtual cards.

How to take a selfie holding a physical card

  1. Use a smartphone, tablet, or another device with a camera.

  2. Select a well-lit location.

  3. Hold the card near your face, ensuring that it, and your card details, are clearly visible.

  4. Don’t wear sunglasses, hats, or headbands.

  5. Look straight at the camera.

  6. Ensure the photo is in color, high-resolution, and that your face and card are both in focus.

How to upload a selfie with a virtual card

If you need to submit a selfie with a virtual card, take a clear photo of yourself with card details shown in your online banking app. The card must be displayed in the card application itself, not via screenshot or altered image.

Make sure that the picture includes:

  • Your face

  • The first six (6), and last four (4) digits of the card number

  • The full cardholder name

  • The expiration date

How do I verify a card if I use Google/Apple Pay, or PayPal?

To verify your card using Google/Apple Pay, or PayPal:

  • Regular card linked to Google/Apple Pay: Upload a selfie holding the credit/debit card added for payment in Google Pay/Apple Pay. You may use either the physical card, or the application showing your virtual card details.

  • PayPal card linked to Google/Apple Pay: Upload a selfie holding the card added for payment in PayPal.

  • Bank account linked to PayPal: Upload a selfie holding your bank statement for the last month.

Is it safe to upload a photo of my credit/debit card online?

As long as you use our secure process, your information is safe. CEX.IO is fully GDPR-compliant. If you receive a request to submit a selfie for card verification, please make sure to respond via the Notification Center. Don’t provide sensitive information about your account on social media platforms, and only use official communication channels to contact CEX.IO.

Why do I need to submit a selfie with my credit/debit card?

We must ask users to submit a selfie with their credit/debit cards in order to comply with anti-money laundering laws and regulations. This ensures the safety of your transaction and confirms that it’s being made with your consent.

What are the requirements for a selfie with a card?

An accepted selfie must include your face and necessary card details, such as:

  • The first six (6), and last four (4) digits of your card number

  • The full cardholder name

  • The card’s expiration date

Upload links can be found in the request email/chat. If you can’t find them, or they don’t work, please contact our Support Team via live chat on

Why did the verification of my credit/debit card fail?

The verification of your credit/debit card may fail if the provided selfie does not meet the necessary requirements. If your card verification wasn’t approved, please take a new selfie that fulfills these requirements, and upload it again via the Notification Center.

Please note that unresolved selfie requests may temporarily restrict withdrawals.

Do I need to verify my card every time I make a payment?

No, you don’t need to verify your card every time you transact. Once your card is approved and as long as it remains valid, you can use it for payments without additional verification steps.

However, if you use a different, unverified card, you may need to verify it. This ensures all documentation is up-to-date, and no one else is making payments on your behalf.

Can I submit one selfie with multiple cards?

No, you must take and upload a separate selfie for each card.

Can I use someone else's credit/debit card, or lend mine?

No, transacting with someone else’s card is prohibited within the CEX.IO ecosystem. Unauthorized card use is illegal, and may result in criminal and financial liability.

What should I do if the camera on my device is not working?

You need a device with a working camera to complete card verification. Please use another device with a camera, or ask someone for help in taking a photo. Otherwise, your transaction will not go through.


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