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Selfie with a card FAQ
Selfie with a card FAQ
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Why do I need to submit a “selfie” with my credit/debit card?

To comply with the requirements of anti-money laundering laws and regulations, we may ask you at times to provide further documentation to help us with the verification of your payment card. This is to ensure the safety of your transaction and confirm that no one is making it without your consent.

We understand that these requests may be a slight inconvenience, but keeping your account safe is our top priority. We thank you for your cooperation.

What are the requirements for the card “selfie with a сard?”

In order for your selfie with the card to be accepted, please make sure that the picture includes both your face and all your card details, including:

  1. The first six (6), and last four (4) digits of the credit card number

  2. The full cardholder name on the card

  3. The expiration date

The upload links are located within the requesting email. If you are unable to locate them, or the links do not open successfully, please contact our support directly:

How can I verify my credit/debit card?

To verify your card you may be asked to upload a “selfie” of yourself holding the card used for the payment. Here are the requirements for a successful upload selfie.

Taking a photo of yourself (“selfie”) holding a physical card

Firstly you will need a smartphone, tablet or another digital device with a camera, as well as your card.

  1. Select a location with good lighting

  2. Hold the card in your other hand neat to your face - with the picture visible

  3. Do not wear sunglasses, hats or headbands. Check that both your face and the card can be seen clearly

  4. Look straight at the camera

  5. Check to make sure that both your face and card are in focus in the photo

  6. Check that photo is in color and high-resolution

Submit the photo via the “Notification Center.” Please tap the “upload” button next to the request and select the necessary files.

You can upload photos in JPG, GIF, PNG or PDF formats that are no larger than 10 megabytes.

If you still have questions, please view our YouTube video guide.

How can I upload a “selfie” with a virtual card?

If you are asked for a photo “selfie” during the transaction process, but you have a virtual card, please follow the instructions below.

We need a clear photo of you onscreen, showing the virtual credit card account used in the transaction. Please make sure that the picture meets all of the following requirements:

  1. The photo is large enough to be clearly visible

  2. The picture includes your face and all card details shown clearly on screen, including:

    • The first six (6), and last four (4) digits of the credit card number

    • The full cardholder name on the card

    • The expiration date

Please note that the card must be shown in the card application itself - it cannot be a screenshot, or otherwise altered.

What if I use Google Pay/Apple Pay to make purchases online?

In order to fulfill the requirements to verify your card, upload a “selfie” holding the credit/debit card added for the payment in Google Pay/Apple Pay.

If you linked your PayPal account to Google Pay/Apple Pay as a payment method, please upload a “selfie” of yourself holding the credit/debit card added for payment in PayPal.

If you added your bank account as a way to pay with PayPal, please upload a “selfie” of yourself holding the account statement for the last month.

Is it safe to upload a photo of my credit/debit card online?

As long as you're sending the information via a secure process like ours, it's typically safe. CEX.IO is fully GDPR-compliant.

Why did verification of my credit/debit card fail?

If the provided card or “selfie” does not meet our requirements, the withdrawal option will be unavailable for your account.

Please ensure that the uploaded “selfie” with a card meets our requirements, and upload again if necessary.

Do I need to go through verification every time I make a payment?

You may be asked to go through the verification process with future payments in the event that you use another unverified credit/debit card.

This is done in order to ensure that all documentation submitted is up-to-date and nobody is making payment on your behalf.

Can I submit one “selfie” with a few cards simultaneously?

No. You are unable to submit more than one card “selfie” at a time. If you use more than one card, you have to take and upload a “selfie” for each separate card.

Can I use someone else's credit/debit card, or lend mine?

According to our policies and procedures, it is strictly prohibited to use someone else's bank cards for operations within the CEX.IO ecosystem.

Please take note that unless the card owner has explicitly granted you permission to use their card, even a small purchase is illegal. This is a type of fraud, and you may be subject to criminal and financial liability even for any size transaction.

What if my camera is not working?

It’s not possible to complete card verification without a camera. We recommend that you find other means of taking a card “selfie,” or your transaction will not go through.

How can I get verified faster?

There is no way to expedite the verification process. We are doing our very best to check your “selfie” as quickly as possible!

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