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How to link a debit/credit card to CEX.IO App
How to link a debit/credit card to CEX.IO App

Add a debit or credit card to your CEX.IO account and make fiat deposits and withdrawals in a few clicks anytime you need.

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In 2014, CEX.IO led the industry by partnering with VISA and Mastercard to integrate debit and credit card transactions to purchase Bitcon. Today, users still rely on these trusted payment rails to intuitively navigate the ebbs and flows of the digital economy. Once linked to your CEX.IO account, payment methods such as credit and debit cards remain accessible across our product ecosystem. That way they can be relied upon when you may need them most.

Once you’ve completed the verification process, the next step toward taking your crypto journey on-the-go is to link a preferred payment method to your CEX.IO account.

Here’s how to do that using the CEX.IO App:

  1. Open the CEX.IO App and log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to the Profile menu in the upper left corner.

3. Open Payment methods.

4. Choose Credit/Debit Card.

5. Tap Link a new account.

6. Then, provide your card details:

  • Card number (16 digits)

  • The expiration date (MM/YY format)

  • The title (an optional custom name for your card)

  • Whether 2-factor authentication will be required for transactions made with this card.

After that, tap Submit in the upper right.


  • Identity verification is required for card transactions.

  • Only personal cards may be linked to your CEX.IO account.

Usually, it takes less than 5 minutes to pass card verification.

Once completed, you'll receive a notification to the email address associated with your account. Sometimes, we may request additional information to verify your card. If that happens, our Compliance Officer will contact you via email.

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