As a regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform, CEX.IO is required to identify its users. We ask users to pass the Identity Verification in order to comply with AML/KYC regulations. In simple words, Verification helps to prevent the creation and use of fraudulent accounts on CEX.IO.

Once you pass Identity verification on CEX.IO, you can:

  • buy crypto instantly using your debit/credit card
  • make card deposits of up to $3,000 and withdrawals of up to $10,000 daily
  • make unlimited crypto deposits and withdrawals

You can find more details on the Limits and Commissions page.

Preparing for identity verification on CEX.IO

Before you start the verification process, prepare all the necessary documents:

- Your international passport, government-issued national ID card, or driver’s license

This document should be valid and internationally recognized. Check that it’s issued with Latin characters or with Latin transliteration of the main fields.

-Your Social Security Number if you’re a US resident

Check out our video guide to get verified without any hassle.

An Identity verification application consists of two parts: stating your country of residence, phone number and providing a document proving your identity.

Here are the steps to verify your identity on CEX.IO.

Indicate your country of residence and provide a phone number

Pick the country where you are a resident from the drop-down list and select your state/province. If you’re a US resident, also indicate the county and your Social Security Number (SSN).

As an additional security measure, we’ll ask you to provide your phone number.


Submit proof of identity document

You’ll need to provide:

  • a photo of your identity document
  • a selfie with this document
  • your first and last name, nationality, and date and place of birth
  • identity document details (serial number, date of issue, issuing country, expiry date)

1. Indicate which document you will use

It can be an international passport, government-issued identity card, or driver’s license.

2. Choose how to submit your photos

You’ll need to provide a photo of your document and a selfie with it. To submit your photos, you can upload files from your computer or take photos with your phone camera.

  • Use your mobile device

Once you choose this option, click Next and you’ll see the QR code on your screen. Scan it with your smartphone. Then, you’ll see a link to the verification step for uploading photos. Open this link in your mobile browser. Alternatively, you can copy the link and paste it in your browser.

On the CEX.IO page that loads in your mobile browser, click Add photo, take pictures with your phone camera, and check whether all details are clear. If they are, tap It’s readable. If they aren’t, select Retake and take another photo.

  • Submit files

Press Add photo and select a file on your computer. Supported formats are PDF, PNG, JPG, and GIF.


3. Upload a photo of your ID document

At this step, provide a photo of your original ID document (not a photo of a scan or copy). Whether you’re taking a photo with your phone camera or uploading it from your computer, make sure that all letters and numbers are clearly readable. Click View example to see what a photo of acceptable quality should look like.

4. Upload a photo of the backside of your document

If you use your driver’s license or ID card, you’ll need to upload photos of both the front and back sides of the document.

5. Upload a selfie with the document

Upload a photo of you holding your identity document. Make sure that:

  • the document is in Latin characters
  • the document has your signature
  • all text is visible
  • you’re looking straight at the camera
  • the background is a light, neutral color
  • the photo is in color
  • there are no red eyes
  • you aren’t wearing accessories (e.g. sunglasses, a hat, or a headband)

After you’ve submitted a high-quality photo, you can turn back to your computer (if you’ve taken the photos with your phone). If you were uploading photos from your computer, you’ll be redirected to the next step.

6. Provide personal information

At this step, you’ll see a form where you should indicate your gender and enter your first name, middle name (if applicable), and last name. Then specify your nationality as well as date and place of birth.

7. Provide identity document details

Finally, fill in information from your identity document: serial number, date of issue, issuing country, and expiry date (if there is one). Confirm that you’ve provided the correct data.


Done! You’ve submitted your application for Identity verification on CEX.IO.

If you’ve submitted everything correctly, you’ll get an email from our Compliance officer confirming successful verification within an hour. In some cases, the compliance team may need to ask for clarification, photos of higher quality or additional documents. You can track the status of your application on the Verification page. As soon as your account is verified, you can make card deposits of up to $1,000 daily, buy crypto directly with your credit or debit card, and place market and limit orders.

If you want increased limits (deposits — up to $10,000.00, withdrawals — up to $50,000.00) and access to bank transfers, you can start Address verification right after you submit your Identity verification application.

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