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Crypto withdrawals in the CEX.IO App
Crypto withdrawals in the CEX.IO App

A guide on how to withdraw cryptocurrencies using the CEX.IO App. Over 40 blockchain networks supported.

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CEX.IO App offers simple and handy crypto transactions via 40+ blockchain networks. For some digital assets, we feature multichain support, meaning users can choose between several networks for performing a transfer.

How to withdraw crypto via the CEX.IO App

  • Tap the Send button in the Wallet tab.

  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. For instance, Ethereum (ETH).

  • Tap the Select payment method button to determine the destination wallet.

  • From there, scroll down and tap Crypto address to select or add an external wallet address.

  • Use one of the previously linked wallet addresses, or tap Add Address to specify a new one.

  • If adding a new wallet address:

  1. Select a preferred network if there is multichain support. Otherwise, only one blockchain will be reflected as supported.

  2. Paste an external wallet address in the Address field, where you wish to send funds. Once ready, tap Submit to confirm adding a new wallet

Note: The newly added address will be saved for further withdrawals in this asset. If necessary, specify the name of the wallet address in the Account title field. This could help differentiate between multiple wallet addresses.

  • After selecting/adding a wallet address, the payment screen will be revealed. From there, enter the amount that you would like to withdraw. Once ready, tap the Proceed button, and confirm the transaction.

Done! Shortly afterward, you’ll receive an email from CEX.IO confirming a successful withdrawal.


  • Some digital assets feature a destination tag, a memo ID, or memo text. Please ensure to include them for withdrawals, whenever necessary. If you don’t take this step, it may result in your coins failing to reach the intended destination, and/or potentially becoming lost.

  • Some cryptocurrencies operate on a variety of blockchains, and CEX.IO may offer transactions through multiple networks for such assets. For instance, USDC can be utilized on the Ethereum, Tron, and Stellar networks. When requesting a withdrawal, specify the blockchain for transaction processing, and make sure that your destination address corresponds to the selected blockchain. Choosing a blockchain that differs from your destination wallet network could lead to significant transaction fees, and/or the potential loss of funds.

  • Please use only personal wallets for crypto transactions. In addition, remember that you may need multiple wallets to transfer various digital assets. For instance, BCH cannot be transferred to a BTC wallet, and Ethereum-based tokens (i.e. USDT, MATIC, SHIB) may be lost if sent to a native ETH wallet.

Security rules

  1. Cryptocurrency withdrawals are restricted for the first 48 hours, after registering a new CEX.IO account.

  2. Withdrawals are only available after enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account.

  3. If you change or restore your 2FA method, withdrawals will be restricted for the next 48 hours.

For further guidance on withdrawing crypto from CEX.IO, refer to this guide.

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