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How to withdraw cryptocurrency from CEX.IO Wallet
How to withdraw cryptocurrency from CEX.IO Wallet

Learn how to send cryptocurrencies to your external wallets, payment card or e-wallet.

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In this article, we’ll cover the ways you can withdraw crypto funds from your CEX.IO account.

Before we start, please note some important security rules:

  1. Cryptocurrency withdrawals are restricted for the first 48 hours after creating a CEX.IO account.

  2. Withdrawal functionality is only available after successfully enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account.

  3. If you change or restore your 2FA method, withdrawals are restricted for the next 48 hours, to provide a buffer in the event of fraud.

Withdrawal page navigation

  1. Sign in to your CEX.IO account, and click on the CEX.IO Wallet box.

2. Choose the currency you would like to withdraw.

3. Click the Withdraw button next to the chosen currency.

4. Click Select the destination.

When withdrawing crypto, customers can choose direct crypto withdrawal, or they may send funds to their debit/credit card, bank account, or an online wallet (Skrill, Epay).

Direct crypto withdrawals

To send crypto from your CEX.IO account to another wallet, choose Cryptocurrency address as your destination.

Then carefully enter your destination wallet address.

To better ensure the safety of your assets, we recommend only using personal wallets for these types of crypto transactions.

Please note that the same wallet cannot be used to withdraw different currencies. For example, BCH cannot be credited to a BTC wallet, just as Ethereum-based tokens (e.g., USDT, MATIC, SHIB) can be lost when sent to a native ETH wallet.

Multichain withdrawals

That being said, some crypto assets can be sent through multiple blockchains. For example, USDC can be deployed on the Ethereum, Tron, and Stellar networks. You’ll be prompted to select a network for transaction processing along with the withdrawal request. Again, make sure your destination address belongs to that particular blockchain. Choosing a blockchain that is different from your destination wallet network can result in extremely high transaction fees, and the potential loss of funds.

To help ease the stress of choosing the right wallets, destination addresses may be renamed to make them easier to locate. This can help organize your crypto off-ramps if you make regular withdrawals, and provide peace of mind that your funds will arrive safely.

For more tips on withdrawing crypto from CEX.IO, click here.

Confirming crypto withdrawal

In the You will send field, enter how much cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw. The total amount after commission is deducted will appear below, alongside You will get.

After that, confirm that you have read and agreed with the Risk Notice, then click Proceed.

Next, verify your withdrawal details, then click Send.

Once CEX.IO confirms your cryptocurrency transfer, the transaction is sent to its respective blockchain. When the transaction is confirmed by the network, funds will be credited to your destination wallet.

Crypto withdrawals to other payment methods

CEX.IO customers can withdraw their crypto assets to participating debit/credit cards, bank accounts (where eligible), or online wallets (Skrill, Epay). These transactions are completed in two steps:

  1. The system sells your crypto for fiat funds.

  2. The proceeds are sent to the chosen payment method.

When choosing to withdraw crypto to these off-ramps, please consider that the arrival of your funds can depend on your bank or online wallet provider, and may take anywhere from one to three business days.

To request this type of withdrawal:

  1. Choose a preferred payment card, bank account, or e-wallet as your withdrawal destination, and provide the necessary information (such as card details, IBAN for wire transfers, or email address).

2. Enter the amount of crypto you wish to convert and withdraw in the You will pay field. The fiat equivalent will be calculated according to the current market price. You can verify the final amount in the You will get field. When satisfied, click Proceed to continue.

3. Verify the transaction details, and then click Sell to complete your withdrawal.

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