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How to utilize crypto savings in CEX.IO App
How to utilize crypto savings in CEX.IO App

Earn daily crypto rewards regardless of market conditions with CEX.IO Savings.

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With CEX.IO App, users can access our Savings service, which offers the opportunity to earn daily crypto rewards regardless of market conditions. The service supports numerous digital assets, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and other top altcoins.

To get started, just transfer funds to a dedicated Savings account. Funds stored in a dedicated Savings account are not locked, and may be moved in and out at any time.

There is no minimum or maximum threshold to take advantage of CEX.IO Savings. As a result, users can begin with any amount. Furthermore, our reward rate is equal for all users, regardless of the amount they allocate.

Keep in mind that CEX.IO Savings is not available in certain countries. Check the list of supported jurisdictions here.

How to transfer funds to a Savings account via CEX.IO App

  • Tap the Saving menu (looks like a piggy bank) on the home screen.

  • Select one of the cryptocurrencies supported by CEX.IO Savings to allocate your funds. As an example, tap Tether (USDT).

Note: Each supported asset offers its own Savings account and reward rate. If your portfolio does not contain assets that are eligible for Savings, the Add Funds and Convert features offer intuitive pathways to begin earning rewards.

  • Enter the amount you wish to send to a dedicated Savings account, and tap the Add to Savings button. This transaction is free of charge, and will be executed immediately.

  • After that, you’ll start receiving daily rewards in the selected cryptocurrency (i.e. USDT) at the relevant annual reward rate (4% for USDT).

How to withdraw funds from a Savings account via CEX.IO App

  • Tap the Saving menu on the home screen.

  • Tap the asset with an active Savings account, meaning the one where the In Earn balance is above zero. In this example, it’s Tether (USDT).

  • From here, you can view your active Savings account, including information about earned rewards. Tap the Move your Savings button to proceed with the withdrawal from the Savings account.

  • Tap the Redeem button.

  • Specify the amount you want to withdraw, then tap the Redeem button

Note: Earned funds will always be withdrawn first. For instance, let’s say your In Earn balance is 100 USDT, with an Earned balance of 10 USDT. If you wish to withdraw 20 USDT, then 90 USDT will be left in the In Earn balance to continue accumulating rewards.

  • The selected amount of funds will be instantly withdrawn, and appear in your CEX.IO Wallet balance.

Note: CEX.IO App currently features only “fast redemption.” While this enables users to redeem funds instantly, the withdrawn In Earn balance will not be used to calculate rewards on the day of redemption. In other words, if the entire In Earn balance is withdrawn, you will stop generating daily savings rewards.

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The availability of the products, features, and services on the CEX.IO platform is subject to jurisdictional limitations. To understand what products and services are available in your region, please see our list of supported countries and territories. This page includes additional links to information about individual products, and their accessibility.

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