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How to disable 2FA on my CEX.IO account?
How to disable 2FA on my CEX.IO account?
Written by Elijah Reid
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2-factor authentication (2FA) is an additional security measure that keeps your funds and personal data safe. If you lose access to your 2FA-generating device, you will be able to access your account after some verification steps. Or, if you use Google Authenticator and have saved your backup key, you will be able to restore access to your account on your own. This article need may be helpful:

In case you don’t have access to your phone number/device with 2FA codes, you can submit a request for deactivating the 2FA option on your CEX.IO account.

How to submit a request on 2FA deactivation

To optimize the process of resolving such requests and help you faster, we kindly ask you to fill in the 2FA disable form. To access the form:

Requesting your account credentials is one of the safety measures to ensure it’s you who initiates access to your account.

At the next step, you will get to the 2FA authentication page. Please, note that you’re not required to enter the 2FA code on this page in case you don’t have access to it.

At the bottom of the page, you will see the link with the text Lost your authentication device? Click on it and you will see the 2FA disable form.

Fill in the 2FA disable request form

  1. Provide your personal information (user ID, first and last name, date of birth, and place of residence).

Then, enter your phone number connected to your CEX.IO account together with a country code. Answer the question of whether you have access to this phone number now — choose Yes or No.

Click Next to continue.

2. Enter the details of your latest transactions and click Next.

3. Provide your ID confirmation photos. Specify your document type, click Upload photo and follow the instructions.

When uploading your photos, make sure that:

  • Your document has a Latin transliteration (or issued in English).

  • Your document is valid and not expired.

  • The issue and expiry date are clearly visible. If the expiry date is on the backside, upload an additional photo of the backside as well.

  • The photo is the original document (not scanned).

  • All information on your document is clearly readable. Don’t cover the ID document and/or note or submit a photo in which they are blurred.

  • Photos contain both the document and a handwritten note.

Once you’re ready with photos, click Finish and your request will be sent for processing. We’ll check and verify the information and send you an email with the results.

We kindly inform you that due to the increased amount of requests, it may take us longer to answer you. The waiting time can take up to 72 hours.

If you submitted everything correctly, the 2FA will be disabled on your account so you can log in and enable it back.

Please note: to process your request, we might need some additional information. In that case, we'll ask you for it via email or live chat.

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