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How to disable 2FA on my CEX.IO account?
How to disable 2FA on my CEX.IO account?

If you lose access to your 2FA-generating device, submit the 2FA reset form to restore access to your account.

Written by Elijah Reid
Updated over a week ago

If you lose access to your device that generates codes for two-factor authentication, you can access your account after submitting the 2FA reset form. Just follow our guide below.

How to submit a request for 2FA disable

To optimize the disabling 2FA settings, we ask our customers to fill in the request form on our website. To request 2FA disable:

  • Go to the CEX.IO website and click the Sign In button in the upper right.

  • Enter your login and password and click Continue

You'll get to the 2FA page. Please, note that you’re not required to enter the 2FA code.

Click Lost your authentication device below the entry field to access the disable request form.

Note: If you have both Authenticator App and Text Message methods enabled on your account, click Sign in with another method when you are asked to enter the verification code. Then, choose Lost authentication device.

  • Read the security warning and click Continue.

  • You'll receive the confirmation code to the email associated with your account. Enter this code on the next page and click Continue.

If you have trouble accessing your email box, you may also request to change the email associated with your account.

Fill in the 2FA disable request form

  1. Provide your personal information (user ID, first and last name, date of birth, and place of residence).

2. Enter the details of your latest transactions and click Next.

3. Provide your ID confirmation photos. Specify your document type, click Upload photo and follow the instructions.

When uploading your photos, make sure that:

  • Your document has a Latin transliteration (or issued in English).

  • Your document is valid and not expired.

  • The issue and expiry date are clearly visible. If the expiry date is on the backside, upload an additional photo of the backside as well.

  • The photo is the original document (not scanned).

  • All information on your document is clearly readable. Don’t cover the ID document and/or note or submit a photo in which they are blurred.

  • Photos contain both the document and a handwritten note.

Once you’re ready with photos, click Continue and your request will be sent for processing. We’ll check and verify the information and send you an email with the results.

If everything was submitted correctly, the 2FA will be disabled on your account so you can log in and enable it again.

We kindly inform you that due to the increased amount of requests, it may take us longer to answer you. The waiting time can take up to 72 hours.

Please note: to process your request, we might need some additional information. In that case, we'll ask you for it via email or live chat.

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