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How can I change my email?
How can I change my email?
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You receive all the information about your account activity to the email address associated with your CEX.IO account. This includes confirmations of account registration and financial operations as well as any other account-related updates.

If you want to change the email address associated with your CEX.IO account, you need to submit a request to CEX.IO support team via chat.

Request a change of email address

The safety of our customers’ funds and data is our main focus. That’s why we have a standard procedure for email change requests. Before changing your email, we need to make sure the request is coming from the true account holder.

So when you submit your request, we’ll ask you for:

  1. Account-related information

  2. ID confirmation photos

Account-related information

  • User ID

  • Current and new email addresses

  • Phone number linked to your CEX.IO account

  • Details of your latest transactions

  • Residential address

  • Issuing bank of the payment card linked to your CEX.IO account

Important: Your new email address should not be associated with any other CEX.IO accounts. Please note that every CEX.IO customer may have only one account in accordance with our Terms of Use.

ID confirmation photos

  • A photo of your identity document with a handwritten note

  • A selfie with the same document next to a handwritten note

The note should have the text "CEX.IO, Email change" + your name and the current date.

Check out the guide on How to make ID confirmation photos accurately and to ensure that your request will be resolved promptly.

Confirm your new email address

When you get a response from the CEX.IO support team about successfully changing your email, check your new email address inbox to make sure you receive the confirmation letter. Click the Confirm button in this email to verify the changes and use your new email address.

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