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Guide to Enhanced Verification via the Web
Guide to Enhanced Verification via the Web
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After you verify your identity and address, you can pass Enhanced Verification to be able to deposit and withdraw and get a dedicated manager to assist you with platform activities.

Prepare for enhanced verification

You will need to provide a proof of funds document (salary statement, bank statement for the last 3–6 months, tax return, a screenshot of trading activity, a screenshot of mining activity, or any other financial document).

To apply for Enhanced level of verification, go to the Verification page in your Profile and click Start on the Enhanced Verification stage. Here is the detailed guide on how to get the enhanced level:

1. Employment status

Enter your country of tax residence and choose your employment status in the drop-down menu. Then provide relevant information.

  • If you’re employed, provide the name, phone number, and website (optional) of your company and specify for how long you’ve been employed by this company. Next, indicate the industry in which you work and your position. Also, provide the country where your company is located.

  • If you’re self-employed, specify the type of business you’re involved in and for how long you’ve been self-employed.

  • If you’re unemployed, state your source of income.


Click Next to continue.

2. Source of fiat funds

Indicate your monthly income and check the boxes next to the sources of your fiat funds.


Then, you’ll see an attachment symbol and will be able to attach a file proving the origin of these funds. You can upload files from your computer or take photos with your phone camera.

  • Use your mobile device

Once you choose this option, click Next and you’ll see the QR code on your screen. Scan it with your smartphone. Then, you’ll see a link to the verification step for uploading photos. Open this link in your mobile browser. Alternatively, you can copy the link and paste it in your browser.

On the CEX.IO page that loads in your mobile browser, click Add photo, take pictures with your phone camera, and check whether all details are clear. If they are, tap It’s readable. If they aren’t, select Retake and take another photo.

  • Submit files

Press Upload file and select a file on your computer. Supported formats are PDF, PNG, JPG, and GIF.


You can upload up to 10 pages if required. After you finish uploading files, click Next and you’ll be redirected to the next step.

3. Source of crypto funds

Indicate if you plan to deposit crypto and specify the source of crypto funds or press Next to skip.


4. Crypto funds withdrawal destination

If you plan to withdraw crypto funds, indicate the withdrawal destination, or press Next to skip and proceed.


5. Questionnaire

Fill in the short questionnaire.

  • Indicate your primary banking jurisdiction, the purpose of your account, and planned monthly turnover.

  • Check the appropriate boxes if you have any relation to politically exposed individuals and provide details about your position (if required). Also, check the appropriate boxes if you’re a US citizen or resident or are subject to US taxes for any other reason.


Click Next to submit your application. We’ll check the provided information and will contact you via the email associated with your CEX.IO account. You can also track the status in the Verification page.

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