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Spot Trading: funds withdrawal
Spot Trading: funds withdrawal

Whether you're cashing out fiats or transferring funds to an external wallet, Spot Trading offers a diverse range of withdrawal methods.

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Whether you're cashing out your crypto proceeds or transferring funds to an external wallet, CEX.IO Spot Trading offers a diverse and flexible range of withdrawal methods. We understand the importance of seamless asset movement, and that's why we provide multiple paths for both fiat and cryptocurrency withdrawals, ensuring convenient and efficient access to your funds.

To initiate withdrawal from CEX.IO Spot Trading:

  • Open the Finances tab

  • Click the Withdraw button in the upper right

  • Choose the currency of withdrawal and follow the provided instructions

  • Alternatively, you can click on the withdrawal icon next to the currency of your choice

Withdraw from the Main account (Wallet)

Once you've chosen the currency you wish to withdraw, you'll be redirected to the CEX.IO Wallet to complete the transaction.

  1. Click Select the destination to choose where to send funds.

Note: the availability of payment methods depends on the currency, your location, and verification level.

3. Enter the sum you wish to withdraw. The total amount, together with the commission is indicated below, in the You will receive line.

4. The Proceed button will be active once you confirm that you have read and agree with the Risk Notice. Once you’ve confirmed your risk appetite, check the box and click on this button.

5. Verify your details, and initiate the transaction by clicking Confirm Withdrawal in the pop-up screen.

6. After that, you’ll be asked to confirm the withdrawal with a 2FA code.

Learn how to withdraw cryptocurrencies to an external wallet or other payment methods.

Withdraw from sub-accounts

If you have created sub-accounts within Spot Trading, you can conveniently withdraw funds from them by selecting the desired sub-account from the menu located in the upper left corner of both the Trade and Finances pages.

Once a customer clicks the Withdrawal button and chooses the currency, a pop-up window appears showing available destinations:

  • CEX.IO Wallet (Main account);

  • Internal CEX.IO Spot Trading Transfer (other sub-accounts).

Note: Account selector is active only if you have at least one sub-account. Learn how to create a sub-account on Spot Trading.

Choose the destination and enter the amount of your withdrawal.

Next, click the Withdraw button to confirm. A withdrawal confirmation pop-up will appear.

Click the Withdraw button to confirm the transaction. You'll see a successful notification pop-up confirming the transaction.

Remember, security remains paramount. Double-check withdrawal addresses and familiarize yourself with any asset- or platform-specific requirements before initiating a transaction.

Now, embark on your crypto journey with confidence, knowing that efficient and flexible withdrawal methods are always at your fingertips on CEX.IO Spot Trading.

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