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Spot Trading Reports: Legacy Fiance & Reports
Spot Trading Reports: Legacy Fiance & Reports
Written by Anastasiia
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If you joined Spot Trading before December 22, 2023, the Legacy Finance & Reports page is still your friend for creating transactions reports. Starting that date, things got a bit smoother. Customers can now use their Wallet balance (CEX.IO platform) to trade on Spot Trading. No more jumping back and forth between accounts and transferring funds - it's all in one place now!

By visiting the Legacy Finance & Reports section of the Reports page, a customer can track the transfers inside the CEX.IO Ecosystem, including deposits and withdrawals (including transactions to and from Spot Trading), rewards received for staking and savings crypto at CEX.IO, affiliate rewards, and transaction fees.

Note: The data in the Legacy Finance & Reports section is shown from the perspective of the CEX.IO platform. The records are consequently reverted to the perspective of CEX.IO Spot Trading. Deposits from Wallet (CEX.IO platform) to Spot Trading are withdrawal type of transaction on the Legacy Finance & Reports page. Withdrawals from Spot Trading accounts to Wallet (CEX.IO platform) will be shown as deposits.

The records can be filtered by the following criteria:

  • Currency

  • Type of transaction

  • Date

Please note that a month range is set by default. If you see no records on the Legacy Finance & Reports page, try to extend the date range to Last year or use Custom Range. Click Apply button to confirm the range.

Download CSV

Detailed transaction records are readily available for your reference on the CEX.IO platform. Employ the provided filters to specify by currency, transaction type, and date range, generating a customized report of your activities. This report may be downloaded in CSV format for convenient storage and further analysis. Such comprehensive documentation can prove invaluable for tax preparation or financial self-management.

Please note that downloadable reports for all your Spot Trading transactions can be generated on the Statements tab.

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