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Spot Trading Reports: Orders and Transactions
Spot Trading Reports: Orders and Transactions
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The Reports page goes beyond simply displaying your transaction history. It provides a powerful and flexible system for generating customized reports on your deposits, withdrawals, and trade orders.

Using the side menu customers can switch between the following tabs:

  • Orders;

  • Transactions;

  • Sub-Account Transfers;

  • Legacy Finance & Reports;

  • Statements.

Let's see how you can use each of them to check your transactions and generate detailed reports.


The Orders tab provides information on all your completed and active trade operations.

Orders' details are sortable by the following filters:

  • Period (start and end dates)

  • Account (Wallet or sub-account)

  • Pair

  • Orders with Trades (with at least 1 trade occurred)

  • Open/Closed orders

By default, all current open orders are shown in this tab.


Orders for the last month are shown by default. You can customize the order period using the necessary dates.

Customers can change the period by manually typing the necessary dates or by selecting them via the calendar option.

Please keep in mind, that this can be done only for Closed orders.
In the case of the Open orders, the full list will always be displayed.

When entering dates manually, remember to press Enter/Return to apply the selected period. For the calendar option, selected dates are applied automatically.


Your order history is sorted by default for All accounts. You can switch it up by picking individual accounts from the dropdown menu.


By default, the "All Pairs" option is selected, displaying a comprehensive overview of all orders placed across your account. This provides a high-level perspective of your trading activity.

To filter the displayed orders by specific trading pairs, simply click on the drop-down list and choose the pair you wish to focus on. This allows a more granular examination of your trading actions for each pair.

Tip: For your ease of use, you can navigate using your keyboard:

  • ↓↑ - for navigation

  • Enter/return button - for selection

  • ESC - will close the drop-down list

Orders with Trades

Using this filter, customers can separate fully or partially executed orders. All open or canceled orders without any trades will be hidden.

Open/Closed orders

By selecting the Open/Closed option in the upper right, customers can pick which records should be displayed:

  • Open orders (with statuses: Open, Pending, Cancelling)


  • Closed orders (with statuses: Filled, Rejected, Expired, Cancelled).

Tip: Click on any of the shown orders to find detailed information.

Please note that when you switch between the Open/Closed options, only the first 25 records are shown by default. If you need to check more than 25 orders, please scroll to the bottom to see the full list.

Important: The information about orders is not dynamic. It only shows a snapshot of orders at the specific moment of request.


On the Transactions tab, you can generate a report of all your finance operations made at Spot Trading. The records can be filtered by the following criteria:

  1. Period
    Note: the maximum available reporting period is 30 days. To create reports for a longer period, you can use the Statements tab.

  2. Account type (Trading/Trading Fee).

  3. Transaction Type (Trade, Deposits, Withdrawals, Commissions, Internal Transfers, etc.)

  4. Account (Main/Sub-accounts)

    Note: the “All accounts” option is set as default.

  5. Currency

Trading Fee Transactions

Using the Account Type selector, customers can filter the transactions that were made with their Trading Fee Balance.

In addition, the Transaction Type selector allows filtering the following operations:

  • Trading Fee (Trading Fee Balance accruals and charges)

  • Trading Fee Deduction (deduction of the amount after the expiration of accrual)

Learn more in our Trading Fee Balance guide.

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