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Spot Trading Trade page overview: Placing a New Order
Spot Trading Trade page overview: Placing a New Order
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There are many ways to access our Spot Trading trading platform. The Products drop-down menu on any CEX.IO webpage will offer a direct link, under the For Traders column.

In turn, you can also connect to the terminal directly through our Trade page.

From here you can:

  1. Place trade orders

  2. Explore the order book

  3. Review Trade History

  4. Study price charts

  5. Monitor pending orders

Follow along below for a detailed guide on how to utilize our Trade page to carry out these functions.

Placing an order

To start trading, navigate to the left side of the Trade page. Here you will find a set of customizable features to help ensure each transaction meets your current risk appetite.

Let's review each field below.

Currency pair selector

Once you’ve selected your account, click the currency pair to engage the drop-down menu. From here, you can choose a pair by either scrolling or using the search bar function to make a selection.

Account Selector

On Spot Trading, users can create up to five (5) sub-accounts to experiment with different trading strategies and personalize their crypto journey. To modify which sub-account is attached to an order, click the Account Selector feature to designate an account. Your Wallet Account will be selected by default, with others available in the drop-down menu.

Buying power overview

After selecting a pair, use the Buying Power widget to determine what resources are available to complete your desired trade. Please note that funds must be present in the account designated, to activate this feature.

If you haven’t already, click Add Funds to do so.

New order parameters

Here, you can toggle selections to customize a variety of order types:

  1. Buy/Sell

  2. Market/Limit/Stop Limit

  3. Price

  4. Total/Limit Amount (depending on the order type)

  5. Advanced

Market orders come with a Max Slippage feature to engage additional parameters for better protecting your orders from unwanted price deviation.

Limit orders allow additional conditions known as Time In Force (TIF) policies, to achieve more nuanced execution. To apply these features, click Advanced to choose from a selection of TIFs such as:

  • Good Till Cancel*

  • Good Till Date

  • Immediate or Cancel

*By default, GTC is applied for Limit orders.

Before confirming order placement, make sure to double-check:

  1. Total: the amount to be executed as a result of order fulfillment.

  2. Fee: the amount that must be paid after the order is executed.

Once satisfied with the parameters, click the Place Buy/Sell Order button.

You’ll be asked to confirm placement via a brief overview of your order. To adjust or cancel your order, select Go Back to return to the trading terminal. Otherwise, click Confirm to finalize your order.

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Taxes may be payable on any return and/or on any increase in the value of your digital assets and you should seek independent advice on your tax obligations.

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