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Trading Fee Balance at Spot Trading
Trading Fee Balance at Spot Trading
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What is the Trading Fee Balance?

The Trading Fee Balance is a separate USDT balance on the Spot Trading that users may use to cover their trading fees.

How can I get funds on the Trading Fee Balance?

Funds on the Trading Fee Balance may be obtained for participating in activities that the Spot Trading conducts. Stay tuned for announcements.

I have funds on the Trading Fee Balance. How can I use them?

The funds on the Trading Fee Balance can be used to cover your trading fees on Spot Trading.

Where can I find my Trading Fee Balance?

You can find the Trading Fee balance in several places:

  1. In the Place Orders section on the Trade page:

  2. On the Finances Page:

    Note: When hovering over the Trading Fee Balance on the Finances Page (or tap if using the mobile), you can see the tooltip with the information about accruals of the Trading Fee Balance and the expiration date for each of them (some accruals may have a limited period for use).

  3. You may also use the Reports page to check the Trading Fee Balance operations (Transactions tab) using the Account Type selector (choosing the Trading Fee account type).

  4. Opening the order details, you may see the commission amounts that were charged from your trading account balance or Trading Fee Balance.

How can the Trading Fee Balance be used?

Trading Fee Balance can be used to cover trade fees on Spot Trading. When an order is executed, the corresponding commission amount is charged from the Trading Fee Balance in the USDT equivalent.

In case the amount on the Trading Fee Balance is not enough to fully cover the trade fees the maximum possible amount will be charged from the Trading Fee Balance, and the rest of the amount will be covered with the funds from the account balance.

Example: A user placed an order with a commission of 10 USD and the Trading Fee Balance is 8 USDT. The current USDT-USD exchange rate is 1.0002. As a result, 8 USDT will be charged from the Trading Fee Balance and the amount of 10 - 8*1.0002 (which is about 2 USD) will be charged from the trading account balance

What happens when the funds on my Trading Fee Balance run out?

When your Trading Fee Balance is fully utilized, trading fees will be charged as usual from the account balance.

Can I withdraw, move, or trade funds from the Trading Fee Balance?

No, funds on the Trading Fee Balance are not available for withdrawal or order execution. You can only use it to cover trading fee spending.

For detailed information on Trade Fee rates and calculations, check out our Terms of Use.

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