We keep discovering new website spoofing attacks targeting the CEX.IO community.

These attacks aim to steal customer credentials and put user portfolios at risk.

In essence, spoofing attacks trick search engines into offering alternative links to sites impersonating our company pages. Since searching for CEX.IO products exposes users to these vulnerabilities, establishing more direct pathways to your CEX.IO account and related services will help keep you and your funds safe.

By going straight to our resources via bookmarks, rather than through the added step of a Google search, you can help avoid falling victim to a spoofing attack.

Therefore, to avoid an attack, we strongly recommend that you bookmark CEX.IO resources in your browser.

Pay special attention to our authentication page, which is often the target of such attacks. Bookmarking it is the safest way to avoid clicking a malicious link: https://profile.cex.io

Below you can see our original URL paths for bookmarking:








In addition, we caution you to never reveal your credentials to a website that seems suspicious. If it looks fishy, it probably is. For example: incorrect operation, unexpected responses and windows, freezing and loss of connection are all indications that you are not visiting a CEX.IO resource.

Contact support if you feel your account has been compromised, and stay safe along your crypto journey!

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