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XSGD Delisting Notice
XSGD Delisting Notice
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Dear CEX.IO Community,

We periodically review the list of supported assets and markets we offer to ensure their quality, as well as maintain a safe and enjoyable cryptocurrency experience for our users.

If an asset or market no longer aligns with the mission and values of CEX.IO, and/or our community, we perform a deeper analysis for potential delisting. Here are some of the aspects that influence our decisions:

  • The stability of the network and/or smart contract, and its ability to prevent and counter hacker attacks and other potential online threats.

  • The project's ability to maintain sufficient trading volume and market liquidity, to avoid and counter potentially suspicious trading activity.

  • The dedication of the project team, and its activity in development and discipline (i.e. adherence to a proposed road map).

  • Public activity, and communication. Major changes in asset design or business model, without prior notification to CEX.IO, could be a potential risk for our ecosystem.

  • Our community’s interest in the project and assets. The CEX.IO Team monitors complaints and feedback about projects to ensure a healthy collaboration.

  • Ethics and compliance, including anti-fraud and anti-money laundering policies, and compliance with intellectual property rights, etc.

In this context, we want to inform our users that after careful review, we’ve decided to delist XSGD from our product ecosystem.

XSGD (XSGD) will be delisted from CEX.IO on Monday, October 2, 2023.

For your convenience and reference, here is an overview of actions prior to the delisting process:

  • All XSGD holders will be notified via email.

  • We will close deposits on Monday, September 4. Please do not initiate further deposits for XSGD after this date, as they will not be processed.

  • The Convert feature, and XSGD trading will be available through Monday, October 2, 2023. After that, all outstanding orders for relevant markets will be automatically canceled. We strongly encourage that all transactions be completed before this date.

  • Withdrawals will remain operational after delisting through Thursday, November 2, 2023. We ask that you withdraw your tokens before this time, otherwise, a daily storage fee of 6.84 XSGD will be applied.

Thank you for your support and understanding. We will proactively communicate any further updates related to changes in our digital asset listings. Follow our official social media channels to stay informed.

Feel free to contact us via email at, or live chat, with any further questions.

Thank you,

The CEX.IO Team

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