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Temporary change to Mastercard withdrawals
Temporary change to Mastercard withdrawals
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We would like to address the recent situation regarding withdrawals to Mastercard. Some of you might have experienced declined withdrawals to your cards over this weekend.

The situation was caused by the processing rules change, which we couldn’t predict. This is a temporary inconvenience and we’re working with our payment processors to resolve this issue.

First of all, we would like to assure you that your funds are safe and remain under your control. You can access your funds to trade and withdraw them using the available payment options as you wish.

What’s more, all withdrawals are being processed correctly. There’s only one factor with the Mastercards that you need to consider when choosing a withdrawal method.

What has changed?

Your Mastercard may not display in your CEX.IO account when you try to withdraw your funds to it. Due to the Mastercard withdrawals change on CEX.IO, withdrawals to these cards will be temporarily unavailable.

We will notify you once the situation changes.

Special offer on Visa

To offer you a solution in this situation, we have cut the fee for Visa withdrawals from 3% to 2.5% until we resolve the case with the Mastercard withdrawals.

You can link your Visa card to the CEX.IO account and withdraw your funds to it straight away, as well as use the card that has already been linked to your account before.

Some customers who have been using Mastercard for deposits and withdrawals before, may not experience any difficulties and can withdraw their funds to Mastercard.

The only change is that the withdrawal processing time will take up to 3 business days.

Please note that you can transfer the amount that is available in accordance with your current verification level. Find more about limits and commissions on this page.

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