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Bank Transfer Withdrawal Investigation
Bank Transfer Withdrawal Investigation
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When you withdraw fiat funds by bank transfer, you should attentively enter your beneficiary bank details:

  • Bank name

  • Country and address

  • BIC/SWIFT code

  • IBAN or bank account number

This information is crucial, and a little mistake can lead to stuck transactions and even loss of funds. Remember that it’s your responsibility to provide the correct details.

If you withdraw fiat via bank transfer and money hasn’t appeared in your bank account in more than 5 business days, you can ask our team to investigate the situation. In some circumstances, we can try to find and return funds.

But first, we recommend that you check for possible reasons for the delay in your bank transfer.

Situations when we can attempt to find your bank transfer withdrawal:

  • The customer made a mistake in bank details.

If you entered the bank name or address incorrectly or made a typo in the bank account number, we can try to find and recover your transaction.

  • The Beneficiary's Bank is in a high-risk area.

This may happen that the recipient country is on the ban list for international transfers. For instance, due to the overall situation in the country, it is not possible to guarantee the successful execution of a transaction. This situation requires the involvement of some correspondent banks, which in turn increases the chances of bank transfer failure.

NOTE. The above list is indicative only and in no way is it a guarantee or commitment that CEX.IO will attempt to find and recover your funds.

We investigate each case and assess if we can try to get the funds back. This decision is at the discretion of the CEX.IO team. The sourcing process is complex, time-consuming, and requires a lot of effort on the part of the technical team.


The attempt to find the bank transfer withdrawal implies a fee of 50 (Fifty) USD.

Please note that this commission will be charged regardless of the result of the investigation. Our team uses significant resources to investigate the case, develop and implement technical solutions.

Keep in mind that CEX.IO may not be able to find funds. Bank transfer investigation fees are non-refundable.

We will be able to start the process of finding your bank withdrawal only after you have sufficient funds on your CEX.IO account to cover the commission.


To request a bank withdrawal search, please submit this form and provide with the below necessary information:

  • Your CEX.IO user ID.

You can find it in your profile drop-down menu under the Social networks section.

  • The order number of payment in the request.

You can find it on the Finance page under the Payments tab.

  • Statement from the bank account to which the withdrawal was made.

The document should contain up-to-date data information about your account balance and transactions.


Please note that the entire process of finding a payment may take at least 10 business days.

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