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Guide to Enhanced Verification with CEX.IO Exchange App
Guide to Enhanced Verification with CEX.IO Exchange App

If you're a high-volume trader, you may pass enhanced verification and increase your account limits.

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To start the Enhanced Verification process, go to the Verification tab in your mobile app, choose Enhanced Verification, and check that you have all the documents at hand.

To pass verification, you will need:

  • a valid ID document (national ID card, international passport, or driver’s license) different from the one you used for Identity Verification;

  • proof of funds document (salary statement, bank statement for the last 3–6 months, tax return, a screenshot of trading activity, a screenshot of mining activity, or any other financial document);

  • a piece of paper and a pen.

Block 1. Prove the source of your funds

Step 1. State the source of your fiat funds and indicate your monthly income. Tap Next to proceed.

Step 2. Check the box next to the source of your crypto funds, if you own any, or tap Next to skip.

Step 3. If you plan to withdraw crypto funds, specify the withdrawal destination, or tap Next to skip.

Block 2. Provide proof of funds

At this step, you should be ready to scan your proof of funds document. To start, choose what document you will provide.

Note: If you choose Other Financial Document, you’ll have to specify the type of the document.

You can provide more than one proof of funds document; however, documents must be uploaded one by one.

After you’ve chosen a type of document, you’ll see an attachment field on the right. Tap it and you’ll get an opportunity to take a photo, upload a photo from your library, or upload a file from a file storage app. You can provide files in PDF, PNG, JPG, and GIF formats that don’t exceed 30MB in size.

Note: If you take a photo with your phone, you’ll have to confirm that the image is readable.

You can upload up to 10 files if your document has more than one page. Tap the + symbol to upload more images.

You can also replace uploaded files. To do so, tap the edit symbol next to the chosen document. Once you’ve finished uploading files, tap Next.

Block 3. Upload an additional proof of ID

Get ready to scan your ID at this step. First, indicate the type of ID you’ll use and specify the issuing country. Now take a photo of the document and check its readability.

Note! If you’re taking a photo of a national ID card or driver’s license, you have to capture both sides of the document.

Next, fill in the fields with your personal information: first name, middle name (if applicable), last name, date of birth, gender, and nationality. If the fields are prefilled, check that all information is correct.

After you’ve submitted your personal information, fill in the document information. You have to provide the document’s serial number, date of issue, issuing country, and expiry date (if the document does not have one, turn off the switch).

As soon as you’re ready with this step, take a selfie of you holding the document along with a handwritten note. Write “I’m a CEX.IO customer” in pen on a blank piece of paper and include the current date in DD/MM/YYYY format and your signature. After this, flip your phone horizontally and take a selfie of you holding your ID and the handwritten note next to your face.


The screen will be divided into two parts, so make sure your face fits in the frame on the left and your document with the note in the frame on the right. Once the document and your face are within the frames, blink to take a shot. Make sure that all text is visible and confirm readability to move to the next block.

Block 4. Provide employment details

To start, choose your employment status. Then provide details of your employment. Depending on the employment type you choose, you’ll be asked to provide the following information.

  • If you’re employed, provide the name, physical address, website, and phone number of your company, and indicate the industry and for how long you’ve been employed by this employer.

  • If you’re self-employed, specify the type of business you’re involved in and for how long you’ve been self-employed.

  • If you’re unemployed, state your source of income.

Block 5. Fill in the final questionnaire

Please indicate details like your banking jurisdiction, the purpose of your account, and planned monthly turnover.

Next, specify whether you have any relation to politically exposed individuals and provide details about your position (if applicable).

Now provide information on whether you’re a US citizen or resident or are subject to US taxes for any other reason.

Block 6. Sign the declaration

Read through the points you see on the screen and agree to them. Press agree and then sign the declaration with your finger.

As soon as you’ve completed all these steps, your application will be sent for review. Once there’s a decision or an update on the matter, you’ll be notified in the app and by email.

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