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Multiple account owners
Multiple account owners
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Under current Terms of Use Clause 9.2, CEX.IO allows only one account per customer. If you have several accounts on CEX.IO we kindly ask you to go through the following actions in order to withdraw or consolidate your balances on a single account.

1) Select an account that you wish to keep on CEX.IO

It is best to select one that has been verified. If you have not verified your account yet, we kindly encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

2) Have extra email addresses at hand

Once an email address is confirmed on an account, it will not be usable on different accounts. Please make sure you assign your primary email address to the account you intend on keeping and have extra email addresses available to keep your other accounts usable while you consolidate your funds or withdraw them to your wallet.

3) Choose what to do with funds on your extra accounts

You may withdraw your funds with regular means where possible or chose to sell off to a single asset and withdraw all in one go. In any case, we recommend checking fees and transfer times to select the best payment method for withdrawal.

4) Consolidation on one account

Whether you decide to consolidate or not, all the funds from accounts that you wish to close must be withdrawn to an external account. Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer between CEX.IO accounts due to technical and compliance reasons. If you decide to consolidate, you can just send the funds back to CEX.IO using the address of an account you have decided to keep. You may use any payment option to consolidate, as each has its own advantages. For example, XRP and XLM are cheap and fast blockchains, but other coins can have advantages to your specific setup.

Please, study all associated fees and commissions (trade and withdrawal) as well as transaction times carefully to make an educated decision.

Other questions:

1) Amount too small to trade or withdraw

Consider the price of funds remaining on your account to see if it is large enough to spend your time withdrawing. If you absolutely have to, you may deposit additional funds to set your balances above minimal limits. CEX.IO employees will not move balances between your accounts, but our support team will be glad to assist you in this process.

2) No access to the old account

If you have forgotten credentials to your old account (lost password, 2FA key, etc.), and cannot regain access with standard means, we will assist you to restore access. Please be prepared to prove ownership of the account.

3) What happens if I don't do anything

If you leave your extra accounts without attention, they will be considered abandoned under Section 9.7 of currently effective Terms of Use, and a storage fee described in Section 12 of Terms of Use will be charged until the account balance reaches 0.

If you have any additional questions or need assistance with your CEX.IO account, do not hesitate to contact us via chat.

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