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Exchange Plus Welcome Bonuses
Exchange Plus Welcome Bonuses
Written by Anastasiia
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Back in March of this year, CEX.IO announced the release of its all-in-one trading platform, Exchange Plus, and began offering next-level experiences to crypto natives and newcomers alike. After sunsetting our legacy Exchange product in May, Exchange Plus, the recipient of the 2023 FinTech Innovation Award, became our flagship trading terminal*. Since consolidating our services, we’ve continued to refine their functionality, and seek out novel in-roads for curious participants to explore the digital economy.

Now, our new Exchange Plus Welcome Bonuses program puts this principle to work by helping new users take the first step on their crypto journey, alongside a trusted guide. First time participants will have the opportunity to receive up to 50 USDT directly to their trading fee balance, simply by completing a few basic actions on our award-winning platform.

Below are a few ways to become eligible and receive incremental Welcome Bonuses on Exchange Plus:

  1. Register on Exchange Plus to receive 10 USDT.

  2. Make your first deposit worth at least 10 USDT on Exchange Plus to receive 20 USDT.

  3. Conduct your first trade worth at least 10 USDT on Exchange Plus to receive 20 USDT.

By completing these actions, new and existing users can shore up their trading balances, and get acclimated to key services and features available on Exchange Plus. With a little extra walking around money, feel empowered to experiment with the tools and sub-account capabilities on Exchange Plus to broaden your crypto horizons.

However, an important point to note is that all USDT received through the Welcome Bonus program may only be applied toward trading fees on Exchange Plus. Once USDT from the program has been exhausted, trading fees will be covered once again by the main balance on your account. Additionally, after the first USDT bonus is received, participants will have 30 days to use it, and any additional USDT received via our Welcome Bonus Program, before it expires. To make the most of the opportunities, make sure to utilize all bonuses in this 30-day window.

Bonuses will be credited automatically to eligible participants after they have completed the necessary actions and visited the Exchange Plus trading terminal. Please note that there may be some delays due to technical reasons. If you haven’t received your bonus, don’t hesitate to reach out to the CEX.IO support team.

After nearly a decade of providing best-in-class, third-party celebrated access to the crypto space, we’re thrilled to give something back to our growing community. New users can learn more about the Welcome Bonus program at the link below, or head over to Exchange Plus to register, and start claiming USDT.

* Rewards in this offer are available to all verified customers where Exchange Plus is supported. See the list of eligible countries here. Excluded the following countries: Algeria, Belgium, Bolivia, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (the), Honduras, Mauritius, Morocco, Nepal, Palestine, Qatar, Spain, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the), Uzbekistan, Western Sahara.

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