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Exchange Plus is rebranding to CEX.IO Spot Trading
Exchange Plus is rebranding to CEX.IO Spot Trading

We’ve decided to rebrand Exchange Plus to CEX.IO Spot Trading.

Written by Elijah Reid
Updated over a week ago

We launched Exchange Plus in December 2022, as a major step forward in improving the trading experience for our customers. The updated platform offers a wider spectrum of crypto markets with deeper liquidity, more advanced order types, sub-accounts, multifunctional charts, and numerous other functionalities.

Compared with our legacy CEX.IO Exchange, users have obtained more opportunities to enrich their crypto journey since the platform’s debut. However, we didn’t stop there, and have been actively continuing to introduce new features to our award-winning trading destination.

During the year since Exchange Plus’ launch, we’ve added:

  • Trading through CEX.IO Wallet balance — This move offers faster access to CEX.IO markets, and simplifies the platform’s general trading experience.

  • Max Slippage — This feature empowers users to better protect their trades from sharp price fluctuations.

  • Reduced fees — 60+ markets are permanently available with a lower, 0.10% trading fee.

  • Trading Fee Balance — A separate USDT balance that customers can use to cover their fees.

  • Upcoming markets — Price tracking for assets that might soon be listed on CEX.IO.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg of our trading platform’s improvements!

However, now it’s time to turn a new page in Exchange Plus history. To signify that it is more than just “a better version of the legacy CEX.IO Exchange,” and a well-established platform in its own right, we’ve decided to rebrand Exchange Plus to CEX.IO Spot Trading.

In addition to the new name, CEX.IO Spot Trading will also move to a new domain — However, to ensure a smooth transition, the old domain ( still remains operational for accessing our trading platform.

All Exchange Plus features remain available in CEX.IO Spot Trading. Furthermore, we plan to implement several updates aimed at enhancing your trading activities very soon.

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