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Profile page overview (+API trading guide)
Profile page overview (+API trading guide)
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Our new award-winning platform gives users a convenient home base for strategizing and evaluating their crypto journeys: the Profile page.

To access your Profile, click on your name in the upper right corner of any Spot Trading page to reveal a drop-down menu, then select Profile.

From here, you can review basic information about your account, or consult various intuitive resources. The navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page allows users to transition effortlessly between sections and categories:


Profile section contains basic information about your account that was provided during registration and verification:

  • Full name;

  • CEX.IO User ID;

  • Email, connected to the account;

  • Country of residence;

  • Current verification level.

This section is a transparent reflection of the information associated with your trading activity and acts as a record of your account.

API Keys Management

Creating API Keys allows the Customer to pull data from the Spot Trading servers and also interact with your applications. By using API communication channels Customers can request data (such as information about trading instruments, trades, etc.), place and manage orders, move funds between Spot Trading sub-accounts, and make transfers to the CEX.IO Wallet and back.

Customers can create, edit, and manage the profile's API keys in the API Keys Management section.

Initially, the account does not have pre-created API keys, the Customer has to create them if necessary.

How to create the API Key

To create a new REST/WS API Key please click on the “+ NEW API KEY ” button and configure the next parameters:

  • API Key Name - a human-readable name that would be associated with the created API key.

  • Permissions - ​​functions that the key should have access to perform:

  1. Read (set as default) - allows only to request data, but takes no action;

  2. Trade - allows to carry out trade operations;

  3. Funds Internal - allows transferring funds between Spot Trading sub-accounts;

  4. Funds Wallet - allows transferring of funds from CEX.IO Wallet to Spot Trading and back.

  • IPs for whitelisting (optional) - a list of IP addresses that can have access using this API key. This item is optional. If the Customer leaves this field blank, access can be obtained from any IP address

Then, please press the Create API Key button and confirm the creation via the 2FA code.

Important Note: In case you don't have 2FA, you will get a pop-up window where you can get yourself to the Profile and create one.

In the next pop-up window, you will be able to see the API Secret. Please save it and store it securely because it will no longer be viewable.

Note: After the creation, the API Key is not activated immediately. So Customer can activate the API Key right after creation or later by pressing the Activate button next to the Key required and confirming it with the email code.

The API Keys Management tab contains the following information about the API keys

  1. Name - API key's name and its current status;

  2. Permissions - ​​functions that this key has access to perform (Read - set as default, Trade, Funds Internal, Funds External);

  3. API Key;

  4. Last Update;

  5. Action - contains Activate or Deactivate (depending on current API Key status), Edit, and Delete buttons.

Pressing the Edit button allows you to change the API Key permissions and IP Whitelist. Please note that the API Key will be deactivated after changes are applied so you should activate it again.

Using the Delete button you can delete the API Key. The 2FA deletion confirmation is required.

Important Note: Do not share your API Secret with anyone, as anyone who gets access to it can use this for their purposes.

Trading Conditions

This section provides detailed information about the configurations of each available trading pair. Here, users can quickly view:

  • Price tick size;

  • Max\Min order amounts;

  • Lot sizes;

  • The currency in which trading fees are calculated.

Fee Schedule

Here Customer can check detailed information about his fees, according to his 30d volume and day of week (fees can be different e.g. on weekends).

For more detailed information on the available cash-in and cash-out tools, as well as transaction fees for different currencies, visit the Limits and Commissions page.

Account Activities

Similar to the preceding sections, this tab is a detailed record of all activities performed using your Spot Trading account. This will help provide a bird’s eye view of your history, and archive your crypto journey. Such points include:

  • Time and date the action occurred;

  • Action details;

  • The IP address from which the action was performed.

Not only will this allow for greater insight into your trading strategies, but it adds an extra layer of protection in monitoring for suspicious activity.

In turn, Period and Action Type filters can be applied, to quickly sort actions and find the information you need.

Stay tuned for more developments as we continue to refine the trading experience. For timely updates and information, follow or bookmark our official channels to establish a quick, trusted route to the digital economy.

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