The Profile page contains information about the user profile, trading conditions for all the trading pairs available, fees (Trading fees and Deposit/Withdrawal fees), and also there is collected account activities.

The page is divided into 4 sections: Profile, Trading Conditions, Fee Schedule, and Account Activities. The navigation bar used to switch between these sections is located on the left side of the page.


The Profile section contains basic information about:

  1. User name;

  2. CEX.IO User ID;

  3. Email;

  4. Country;

  5. Current verification level;

Trading Conditions

This section presents information about the configurations of each trading pair available for the Client.

Fee Schedule

This section presents information about the Deposit/Withdrawal Fees and the client’s current Trading Fees

Account Activities

This tab presents the actions performed on the account, including information about:

  • Time - time and date of the activity;

  • Source;

  • Action - activity description (including action type and details);

  • IP address - IP address from which the action was performed.

Also, you may use the Period and Action Type filters to find the information you need.

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