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[Plus] Finances page overview
[Plus] Finances page overview

Gives you an opportunity to track information about your accounts, as well as your current balances on the Finances page.

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The Finances page is where you can monitor your current balances on all your accounts, specific accounts, or total balances on all your accounts. This page can also be used to create a new sub-account (if required).

In the center of the page, you can view the balances in each currency in the selected account:

1. Asset - the name of the currency

2. Balance - total balance amount with the USD equivalent

3. Available - amount available for trading

4. CEX.IO Wallet - balance by currency available on the CEX.IO Wallet

5. Action - Deposit and Withdrawal buttons

You can filter the information by specific account using the account's list and hide small or zero balances on this page.

Filter by Account

By default, the Main Account is selected in the accounts list.

The account list search bar will help you to find the account you need in case there are more than 5 accounts.

Additionally, using the account selector, you can check the approximate balance of the sub-accounts.

To view the actual balances for all accounts, please enable the "All accounts" option in the accounts list, this is located on the left side of the Finances page.

By switching to a specific account or to All accounts, the balance will be refreshed to the selected account.

For your ease of use, you can navigate using your keyboard, using these commands: ↓↑ - for navigation

Enter/Return - for selection

ESC - will close the drop-down list

Deposits and withdrawals

By clicking on the Add Funds/Withdraw buttons you will begin the initiation of the process.

For more information about how to Deposit funds click here.

To know more about How to Withdraw funds from your account, please check this article.

Creating Sub-Account

To create a new sub-account please click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button and enter the account name:

Please note, by default you can have no more than 5 accounts. If more accounts are needed, please apply with your Account manager.

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