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TON Crystal (TON) to Everscale (EVER) migration
TON Crystal (TON) to Everscale (EVER) migration
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Free TON has announced an ecosystem rebrand to Everscale, and will conduct a TON Crystal tokens migration. The event is connected with the implementation of the Rust programming language, which enables unmatched scalability and throughput capacity to bring the world on-chain.

Upon the official rebrand, the following changes were implemented:

  • The network name changed from Free TON to Everscale

  • The network currency changed from TON Crystal (TON) to Everscale (EVER)

CEX.IO supports the TON tokens migration and will provide automatic conversion of customers’ TON holdings into EVER tokens. The conversion ratio is 1:1, meaning eligible customers will receive 1 EVER token for each 1 TON token.

The migration schedule will be as follows:

  1. Beginning December 29, 2021, CEX.IO will stop processing TON deposits, withdrawals, and TON/USD & TON/USDT trading while we prepare for migration.

  2. All active TON orders will be canceled on December 29, 2021.

  3. On that date, we’ll take a snapshot of all TON balances on CEX.IO to credit the respective amount of EVER tokens.

  4. Once the migration is complete, we’ll enable EVER deposits and withdrawals, and launch EVER/USD and EVER/USDT trading.

We recommend canceling your TON trading orders by December 29, 2021. Also, please update your automated trading tools, robots, and apps if you use them.

Please note that TON staking will not be affected. The staking reward will be calculated during the migration and customers will receive it in EVER tokens in January 2022. After the migration, EVER staking will continue under the same conditions as TON.

Follow our Status Page for updates on the TON migration progress.

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