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CEX.IO will rename Terra (LUNA) to Terra Classic (LUNC) and will list LUNA2 on the platform. To avoid confusion, LUNC tokens of the Terra Classic network will also be referred to as “LUNA (old)” in this announcement, and LUNA2 tokens of the Terra network will be referred to as “LUNA (new)”.

We will handle all the technical aspects of migration automatically. You will not need to take any action. Please follow the timeline below that explains how CEX.IO will be processing the migration:

  • LUNA (old) deposits, withdrawals, and trading will be suspended on June 2nd, 2022 at 6:00 a.m. UTC. All pending orders will be canceled.

  • LUNA (old) will be delisted from CEX.IO and assets with the tickers LUNC and LUNA2 will be listed on the platform.

  • We will automatically distribute LUNC tokens to the users who owned LUNA (old) tokens before the migration.

  • After that, we will open deposits and withdrawals for LUNC and LUNA2, as well as launch pairs for the new assets.

We recommend you cancel LUNA (old) orders and update your automated trading tools and bots if you use them to trade LUNA (old) on CEX.IO.

Please keep in mind that when we remove LUNA (old) tokens from CEX.IO, you may not see your LUNA (old) balance temporarily. Once the migration is completed, your LUNA (old) balance will be recalculated and you will be able to see it in your LUNC balance.

The LUNA migration to LUNC can be subject to delay and will be finished as soon as possible. We reserve the right to revise the plans regarding LUNA migration and will inform you via our social networks about potential updates.

We’re looking into the airdrop of new LUNA2 tokens and will provide more information about it in a separate announcement within about 2 weeks from this post.

Note that LUNA (old) is not available for users from the U.S. and Canada.

UPD: While we are thrilled to have the LUNA migration finally upon us, we regret to share some unfortunate news.

Despite our best efforts, CEX.IO will not be receiving an airdrop of LUNA2.

However, please note that this will have no impact whatsoever on the success of the LUNA2 migration.

We apologize for any disappointment and appreciate your continued support.

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