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[Plus] Order types and how to use them
[Plus] Order types and how to use them

Basically, trading means buying and selling an asset. And if you want to do that, you need to place an order.

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On CEX.IO Exchange Plus, you can use market, limit, and stop limit orders:

  • Market order - will be executed immediately at the best available market. Market orders cannot be canceled because they are filled immediately. Usually, Market orders are fully executed according to the requested amount.
    However, Market orders will stop executing and return a partial fill if there is low liquidity or high volatility on the market;

  • Limit order - lets you set a minimum price for the order to execute (order will be executed at this price or higher);

  • Stop Limit order - allows setting an order, which will transform into a Limit. When the price surpasses the predefined Stop Price point, the Stop Limit order becomes a Limit order.

Please be informed:

Balances for execution Stop Limit orders are NOT locked on the Client's account by Exchange Plus when such orders are being placed. Instead, Exchange Plus locks necessary balances on the Client's account at the moment when the market price reaches Stop Price indicated by the Client.

In case the Client's account would not have enough balance for Stop Limit order execution when the market price reaches Stop Price - such an order would be rejected by Exchange Plus due to insufficient funds on the Client's account.

The client is responsible for ensuring enough balance is available on his specific account for execution of placed Stop Limit if the market price reaches indicated stop price level.

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