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REST/Web Socket API limits
REST/Web Socket API limits
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Dear CEX.IO user,

CEX.IO offers 600 requests every 10 minutes by default for every new and established user.

This is a standard limit offered by dozens of big and mid-sized exchanges around the globe.

We can raise these limits only for active traders, liquidity providers, and corporate clients under certain conditions. Those conditions are strict and require an established trading algorithm, a clear trading strategy, a long trading history on CEX.IO, etc.

If an API limit request is approved, the trader will receive an increased limit for a certain period of time. If the user violates the API limit terms and conditions, CEX.IO reserves the right to terminate the agreement and reimpose default limits without warning.

At CEX.IO, we highly encourage you to try our WebSocket API. When it comes to market data, it is much more efficient than the HTTP-REST API. The WebSocket API provides three times more information in one request than the REST API.

Documentation for the REST API can be found here:

Documentation for the WebSocket API can be found here:

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