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FIX API pros and cons
FIX API pros and cons
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The FIX API is designed exclusively for high-volume trading and perfectly suits financial institutions and large traders/investors who are familiar with FIX protocol 4.4.

The process of getting FIX API credentials is time-consuming and requires following a set of procedures, including:

  • Signing a non-disclosure agreement

  • Studying technical documentation

  • Following the agreed conditions

  • Depositing a sufficient amount of funds to the platform

The FIX API is highly specific. We encourage you to test our REST (HTTP) and WebSocket APIs, both of which are available for public calls.

With default limits of 600 requests every 10 minutes, these protocols are sufficient for any trading strategy or for getting market data. Actually, you can use both at the same time for even better performance. The REST API is perfectly suited to dealing with orders, while the WebSocket API is better for getting market data.

Please consider these API options and contact us if you have any additional questions.

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