In order to send cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another, you need to create a transaction that should be confirmed on a blockchain. When you check your operation on the blockchain, you can see how many confirmations it has received. The number of these confirmations shows how many blocks have been created after adding your transaction to the blockchain. The more confirmations a transaction has, the more secure it is.

In fact, the processing time depends on the network participants (validators), and neither CEX.IO nor any other crypto exchange platform can influence it. Generally, Bitcoin transactions are considered secure after receiving at least six confirmations. However, most platforms, including CEX.IO, require a minimum of three confirmations for Bitcoin transactions to be shown on your balance to save time. Here are the number of confirmations needed for every cryptocurrency to be credited to your CEX.IO account:


  1. BTC — 3 confirmations
  2. BCH — 10 confirmations
  3. BTG — 41 confirmations
  4. ETH — 25 confirmations
  5. LTC — 3 confirmations
  6. DASH — 6 confirmations
  7. XRP — Immediate
  8. XLM — Immediate
  9. GUSD — 25 confirmations
  10. USDC — 25 confirmations
  11. USDT— 25 confirmations
  12. OMG — 25 confirmations
  13. BAT — 25 confirmations
  14. MHC — 1 confirmation
  15. TRX — 21 confirmations
  16. BTT — 21 confirmations
  17. ONT — 6 confirmations
  18. ONG — 6 confirmations
  19. ADA — 21 confirmations
  20. NEO — 5 confirmations
  21. GAS — 5 confirmations
  22. ATOM — 1 confirmation
  23. XTZ — 30 confirmations
  24. WABI — 25 confirmations
  25. LINK — 25 confirmations
  26. MATIC — 25 confirmations


Once you create a withdrawal operation on your CEX.IO account and confirm it (with your email and two-factor authentication on the website or WPC in the mobile app), it’s sent to the blockchain for processing. When your withdrawal hits the destination wallet depends on various factors including the network load and the number of confirmations needed by the recipient platform.

Please allow up to one hour for the network to pick up your transaction. We also recommend clarifying the number of confirmations needed by the recipient wallet.

Also, make sure to check all details of the destination wallet address. Remember that a crypto transaction cannot be reversed. As soon as it has received at least one confirmation, the transaction cannot be canceled or returned.

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