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Due to low or no trading activity, we’ve decided to delist 31 cryptocurrencies, and remove 15 ETH markets.

What assets will be delisted?

  1. ALPHA

  2. BUSD

  3. CONV

  4. CREAM

  5. ENJ

  6. EVER

  7. EXFI

  8. GUSD

  9. GZIL

  10. HAPI

  11. LAMB

  12. LUNA2

  13. LUNC

  14. MHC

  15. MPL

  16. MTA

  17. MUSD

  18. PICKLE

  19. RENBTC

  20. REPV2

  21. RSR

  22. SRM

  23. STRK

  24. SURE

  25. SXP

  26. VALUE

  27. WABI

  28. WNXM

  29. YFV

  30. ZAP

  31. ZWAP

The delisting process for these tokens will be as follows:

  • Deposits will be closed on April 5, 2023. Please do not initiate further deposits for the above tokens after this date, as they will not be processed.

  • Trading will be available through April 14, 2023 for the assets listed above. After that, all outstanding orders for relevant markets will be automatically canceled. We ask that you complete all trades before this date.

  • On May 4, 2023, these 31 assets will be delisted from CEX.IO. Withdrawals will remain operational.

What ETH markets will be delisted?


  2. BAL/ETH


  4. CRV/ETH

  5. DAI/ETH

  6. KNC/ETH

  7. REN/ETH

  8. SNX/ETH


  10. TUSD/ETH

  11. UMA/ETH

  12. UNI/ETH

  13. WBTC/ETH

  14. YFI/ETH

  15. YFI/ETH

Please note:

  • We will support trading on these markets through April 14, 2023. After that, all outstanding orders will be canceled, and these currency pairs will be delisted.

  • Users can still trade assets, where ETH markets were removed, using other currency pairs available on CEX.IO. The delisting of ETH currency pairs will not affect other supported markets for dedicated cryptocurrencies.

Thank you for your support and understanding. We will communicate further updates related to the delisting process as necessary. Stay tuned!

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