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Recovering incorrect crypto deposits
Recovering incorrect crypto deposits
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When you deposit coins/tokens, it’s essential to properly enter and double-check all details (the deposit address, amount, etc) before confirming the transaction.

It’s always your responsibility to ensure that you fill all the details correctly. One mistake may result in losing your funds, and we will not be able to help you as cryptocurrency transactions are generally irreversible.

In some situations, though, our team may attempt to recover the funds.

Situations when we can attempt to recover your crypto funds:

  • Incorrect Destination Tag or Memo ID entered when sending Cosmos (ATOM), (KAVA), Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), Everscale (EVER).

Important: Destination or Memo ID Tag should not belong to another user.

  • No Destination Tag or Memo ID entered when sending Cosmos (ATOM), (KAVA), Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), Everscale (EVER).

  • ERC-20 deposits on unsupported smart contracts version.

Situations when recovery is impossible:

  • Withdrawal to a wrong address.

NOTE: The above list is only indicative and in no way a guarantee or commitment that CEX.IO will try to recover your incorrectly sent coins/tokens. We will investigate every case and estimate whether or not we can attempt to recover the funds. This decision remains at the sole discretion of the CEX.IO team. The process of recovery is complicated, time-consuming, and requires much effort from the technical team.


The attempt to recover the incorrectly sent deposit implies a fee of 10% of the transaction amount but not less than 100 USD in cryptocurrency equivalent.

The fee will be calculated from the original amount of your transaction and charged in the deposit cryptocurrency.

Please pay attention, that the fee will be charged regardless of the recovery process outcome as in the process the team uses significant resources to investigate the case, and develop, and implement technical solutions.

Please note that CEX.IO may not be able to recover all deposits. The recovery fee is non-refundable.

The USD equivalent fee value will be calculated at the time of attempting the recovery process.

We’ll only be able to start the recovery process once you have a sufficient amount of funds to cover the recovery fee.


  • If you sent 1 ETH, the fee for the recovery attempt will be 0,1 ETH, which is 10% from 1 ETH.

  • If you send 0.07 ETH, which in USD equivalent will be 189 (at price of $2700, for example), then the fee for the recovery attempt will be $100 in the ETH equivalent ~ 0.037 ETH. The exchange rate for this example was taken on the day of drafting this article. Pay attention, that the exchange rate in each case can differ because of the volatility of cryptocurrencies.


To request recovery of your coins/tokens, please fill the Recovery Application Form and provide the necessary information mentioned below:

  • Your CEX.IO User ID

  • Transaction ID of your deposit together with the link to the transaction on the blockchain

  • The wallet address from which you sent funds

  • A screenshot from the wallet address from which the funds were sent. Log in to the wallet and make a screenshot where we can see the wallet address and your transactions history.


Please note that the whole process of recovery may take 4 weeks at least.

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