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What is a market chart and how to read it?
What is a market chart and how to read it?
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A market chart is a visual representation of a currency pair’s price over a set period of time. With a crypto market live chart, you can identify and analyze price movements, patterns, and tendencies to fulfill your trading strategy.

There are the three most popular price chart types — line chart, bar chart, and candlestick chart. The data to create these chart types may be almost the same but the way that data is presented and interpreted will vary.

On the Trade page, you see OHLCV candlestick charts. Many traders like this chart type because it is easier to read than other ones.

OHLCV candlestick chart is called this way because it shows:

  • O — open price

  • H — high or maximum price in a selected period

  • L — low or minimum price in a selected period

  • C — close price

  • V — volume in a selected period

A vertical line in a candlestick indicates the high-to-low range. The larger block or “body” represents the difference between the opening and closing price.

Candlesticks help visualize bullish or bearish sentiment by displaying “bodies” using different colors. The green color signifies price growth, red signifies decline. Those are calculated between the first and last trade in the selected period.

1. Current market reflects the selected currency pair to understand what crypto market chart you see.

2. Market data shows

  • Last price: the price at which the latest order has matched on the market

  • Daily change: change in price for the last 24 hours

  • Today's open: price 24h ago

  • 24h volume: total trading volume made for the last 24 hours

3. Timeframe selector allows you to choose a period that each candlestick will represent. For example, 1h timeframe will have each candlestick show a 1-hour span.

4. The price scale shows the price.

5. OHLCV candlestick shows aggregated stats of every buy and sell transaction on CEX.IO at a given period. Hovering your mouse over the candlestick will show detailed information.

6. Volume scale is the measure of volume for the trading period.

Other chart types — line and bar — you can find on CEX.IO Broker.

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