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Invalid DASH address; How to proceed?
Invalid DASH address; How to proceed?
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Dash Multisignature Wallets

Not so long ago, CEX.IO added Dash on the platform Since then, some of our customers have encountered the issue with their wallets. So, we would like to emphasize that CEX.IO works with the multisignature Dash wallets only. While many other platforms prefer usual wallets, we use the multisig to ensure the security of your funds.

So, What Should I Do?

The fact that usual wallets for Dash are not supported on CEX.IO means that you need to create a multisig wallet to be able to make deposits and withdrawals. It is not complicated and usually would not take much time. Still, this simple measure will help to avoid any inconvenience and ensure that you can use the platform to the fullest extent.

What Is a Multisig Wallet?

In comparison to the usual wallets that require only one private key, multisig needs several signatures to carry out the transaction. The whole system is somehow similar to a joint bank account where the agreement of several people is necessary for the operation. So, if you provide just one key, the transaction will not be valid until it is confirmed with other keys.

Why Do You Use Them?

The multisig wallets allow ensuring higher security of your funds. They appear to be more reliable than the usual wallets, so many customers prefer using them. At CEX.IO, we also decided to support only multisig wallets for your security. To receive most advantages from our service, please, make sure that you use a multisignature wallet for your Dash operations.

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