Get Croat (CROAT), the Catalan Altcoin, listed - Please vote!

Croat, the Catalan Altcoin, is a new Cryptonote based currency, with an amazing response. Now many people are requesting a place to buy and sell Croat.

Croat is

--> anonymous, secure and de-centralized
--> easy to mine by normal computers, egalitarian
--> ecological
--> quick, with transactions done in seconds
--> part of Catalonia's history, culture and identity
--> social, designed to directly help people
--> easy to use by untrained people
--> a cryptocoin with a very definite market, a whole community behind, an ideology and a history


Another important factor which differentiates Croat from the immense majority of other altcoins is that it has a strong development team behind. Apart from our CROATCore desktop wallet, for Windows, Linux and MacOS, already launched and functioning flawlessly, useful not only for transactions but also for in-wallet mining, including pool mining, we have already finished the Android light wallet (now in beta-testing) and we’ll soon finish the iOS version. This, together with being listed in exchanges, will be the last necessary steps for Croat to be used as a real method of payment, with huge applicabilities in real day-to-day life. You can find a preview of these apps on our website.

Website, for more information: http://croat.cat


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