NEW: BitcoinZ (BTCZ) — Please Vote


BitcoinZ Principles:
BitcoinZ - No-premine, No-ICO, No-Dev Tax - 100% Community
Everyone is equal and every coin is made by community and for community. We fight for freedom.
Freedom message is spread in every BitcoinZ node around the globe.
Fair launch & announcement at first day
It is recommended to use anonymous zaddr for all transactions. Public taddrs transactions are also allowed.
All contributors are welcome and everyone is volunteer - no premine or dev taxes
Store of value - always POW and never POS. We recommend to watch Andreas POW explanation
Fully decentralized cryptocurrency (no root domain, no main website, no main dev team)
Decentralized development
Developers are self organized in development pods. Every new dev or team is welcome. All implementations should follow consensus rule. You can just create new pod account (e.g. github) and convince community.
Our goal is to port all best free software on the market to be able to use in BitcoinZ.
Immutable params:
- max supply
- inflation
- only POW algo - we may change Equihash algo to other POW algo to prevent ASIC miners
- new features are allowed to improve usage / scalability, but we will never change history (ETH/ETC case)


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