How to submit a request via the CEX.IO Help Centre

If you have a question or need help with your account on CEX.IO, submit a request via the CEX.IO Help Centre. Our Support Team will get back to you as soon as possible. To avoid delays in resolving your issue, make sure to include all relevant details and any relevant photos/screenshots.

We've prepared this short guide on how to submit a request to receive a fast and efficient solution and save your time.

Here are the important steps to take when submitting a request:

  1. Sign in to your CEX.IO account and go to the Help Centre
  2. Click on Submit a request, and from the dropdown list, select the category that best corresponds with your request.
  3. Provide as many details on the matter as possible.
  4. Attach photos/scans to support the information you’ve provided and click Submit.

    1. Sign in to the Help Centre using the email address you use to sign in to CEX.IO.

Why do you need to sign in before submitting a request? It helps us prevent the situation when someone may use your email to impersonate you with the intention of getting your private account-related information. 


If you can't sign in to your CEX.IO account and consequently to Help Centre because of an issue with 2FA, check out our guide on How to recover access to my account.

   2. Click on Submit a request and select a category from the drop-down list.

Select the category most closely related to the matter of your request. This way your ticket will go straight to the responsible team who can get it sorted at once.

Selecting an irrelevant category will cause processing delays. Teams will need to filter and forward your request to relevant departments, which adds to the overall resolution time. For example, instead of having your request solved within a couple of hours, it may take days.


 3. Provide as many details as possible 

This may seem tedious, but it will help us resolve your request faster and more efficiently. The more details you provide from the beginning, the shorter the resolution time will be.

    4. Attach screenshots or photos if required due to the nature of your request or if they can help us identify and resolve the issue. Then click the Submit button.

You’ll need to provide photos for some requests. For example, to disable 2FA/WPC or change the email address associated with your CEX.IO account, you’ll need to attach ID confirmation photos. This is a standard procedure to ensure the security of your account. If you don’t attach these photos to your initial request, we’ll ask you for them in our response. Naturally, this will make things take longer.

In case you face technical issues, a relevant screenshot will help us identify and resolve your problem as soon as possible. 


Provide a detailed description and any relevant photos/screenshots and we’ll get your request sorted in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Support Team will reply to the email address associated with your CEX.IO account.

You can track the history of your communication with our Support Team, along with the statuses of your requests, in your CEX.IO account. Just go to the Help Centre and look under the My activities section. 


Don’t forget to check the CEX.IO status page for real-time updates about the platform’s operation.

Enjoy your trading experience on CEX.IO!

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