Partnership requests/proposals

Dear future CEX.IO partner,

Ways we can be partners

CEX.IO has been well known within the crypto trading community for years. We’ve proved a stable provider and a decent gateway between fiat and crypto markets. CEX.IO is constantly working to bring new sophisticated and simple crypto products to the market. 

Looking for new opportunities for your business? Drop us a line at to see how our products could satisfy your business needs. 

Ways to secure your crypto experience 

Working daily with crypto, you probably encounter many different online resources such as brokers, dealers, crypto investment opportunities, and terminals that claim to work with CEX.IO. Before getting into business, please contact us to check their credibility. Be aware that CEX.IO does not support any crypto investment schemes. 

If you think a resource is trustworthy and we should cooperate with it and inform our community about the partnership, you can also drop us a line. We are open to ideas for any partnerships that bring value to our users. 

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