Customer Success team and dedicated manager

Dear CEX.IO user,

We strive to provide exceptional services to each and every CEX.IO user. Our support is one of the most responsive and helpful in the industry. 

However, sometimes a new user has a unique request or an existing client is trying to solve an uncommon issue that’s far outside the usual scope of our platform operations.  

  • Our team of dedicated Customer Success Managers can be of great help when dealing with custom and complicated requests. Each CSM manages a portfolio of institutional clients and top traders and is able to handle nearly any special request. 
  • For those into algorithmic trading, a CSM will be of great help in dealing with API call limits and other API-related questions. 
  • Furthermore, a CSM can assist you during onboarding, tackle specific issues with fiat transactions, or walk you through OTC desk operations. 

Feel free to submit your requests and we’ll make every effort to accommodate them.  

Please note that CEX.IO representatives will never ask you to provide login information. If you would like more information about this program, submit a support request to our Help Center or contact

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