CEX Explore – A program for active traders

Dear CEX.IO trader,

We’re happy to announce an internal program that brings more enhanced instruments to potential traders. 

The CEX Explore program is a special offer for certain categories of traders and crypto enthusiasts that are looking for a safe and prominent platform for their assets. This program will be beneficial for new traders, algotraders, brokers, market makers, returned traders, and those looking to switch operations from another crypto exchange.

Depending on the category of trades and overall turnover, we offer special conditions for a certain period of time to help you reveal your trading potential. 

These include customized trading fees and API limits based on your current and planned activities. To become eligible, a trader has to commit to certain conditions and meet a minimum monthly turnover. 

We track trading activity of those who apply for CEX Explore and, depending on the results, will extend the custom offer. 

We’re happy to answer all your inquiries at success@cex.io.

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