REST/Web Socket API limits

CEX.IO offers a default of 600 requests every 10 minutes for every user. This is a standard limit offered by dozens of large and mid-sized exchanges around the globe.

We’re able to raise this limit only under certain conditions for active traders, liquidity providers, and corporate clients. Those conditions are strict and include having a settled trading algorithm, a clear trading strategy, and a long trading history on CEX.IO. Additionally, the requester should be ready to commit to specific conditions for the limit agreement to be authorized and approved.

Each API rate increase request, if approved, grants a specific rate for a certain period of time. If the user violates the API limit terms and conditions, CEX.IO reserves the right to terminate the agreement and revert to default limits without prior notification. 

We encourage you to try our WebSocket API. When it comes to market data, it’s far superior to (and more efficient than) the REST API. The WebSocket API provides three times more information in one request than the REST API.

Find documentation on the REST API here:

Find documentation on the WebSocket API here:

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