Guide on Verification in CEX.IO mobile app


You can get higher deposit and withdrawal limits on CEX.IO if you verify your identity. During the verification procedure, you’ll need to provide us with information about yourself and submit the documents required by our AML/KYC Policy.

We’ve recently improved the verification flow and added verification functionality to the CEX.IO mobile app. Now you can easily verify your identity using your mobile phone. Just go to the Verification section in the mobile app menu and complete the steps described below to get higher deposit and withdrawal limits on the CEX.IO platform.

Step 1. Verify your identity (Basic verification level)

Start verifying your identity by proving your country of residence - the country where you’re currently living. Even if you come from another country, please indicate the one where you’re residing at the moment. This is necessary for us to ensure that we can provide our service in your location. If we can’t provide our service in your location, you’ll see a notification on the screen.


  • First, tap Country of residence.
  • Choose your country from the list. If you’re residing in a country that has states or provinces, please also indicate your state/province. Users in the US should also provide their county.
  • Enter your social security number if you’re residing in the US. If you are residing outside the US, you'll be asked to provide your tax identity number. Please note that entering your TIN is optional and you can skip filling this field if you turn the switcher off. 
  • Check that all the information you’ve provided is correct, as you won’t be able to change it later. Once everything is correct, tap Next.

The second step toward verifying your identity is submitting a Proof of identity.


You can choose to submit a photo of either an international passport, a national ID card, or a driving license. Please note that we accept only valid documents of


type issued with Latin characters or with transliteration of the main fields into Latin characters.

  • First, input the issuing country and choose the type of identity document. Tap Next to proceed.
  • Now take a photo of your identification document. Be attentive if you choose a national ID card or driver’s license: if you choose one of those documents, you must take a photo of the front as well as the back.
  • When taking a photo, make sure that all edges of the document are visible and that the lighting conditions are sufficient so that all details are visible. If your document isn’t recognized within 30 seconds of uploading it, tap Try again to retake a photo automatically or choose OK to take one on your own. To confirm that the photo is of proper quality, tap It’s readable. If something isn’t clearly visible, you can tap the Retake photo button and take another photo
  • Fill out the form with your personal information as well as the information from your document. All information should be provided in Latin characters. If the form was filled automatically, you still need to check everything for accuracy and correct any fields if necessary. Confirm your First name, Middle name (optional), Last name, Date of birth, Gender, Nationality, and Place of birth and tap the Next button. Then submit the Serial number, Date of issue, Issuing country, and Expiry date (if applicable) for the document you’ve provided. Once you’re ready and have checked everything, tap Next.3.jpg4.jpg
  • Take a selfie of you holding the submitted document and sheet of paper stating: "For verification, the current date". Pay attention to lighting conditions and make sure that all information is clearly visible in the photo.
  • To take your selfie, tap Open camera. For your convenience, we’ve developed this feature in landscape layout, so start by flipping your device into landscape orientation. You’ll see the screen divided into two parts. Your face should fit in the frame on the left and the document you are holding should be on the right.
  • Once your face and document are recognized, on the right you’ll see a tip to blink with your eyes to take a photo. If the app doesn’t recognize your face/document within 30 seconds, you can try taking the photo again by tapping the Try again button or you can take it manually if you tap OK. Once you’ve taken a photo, check whether it’s clear. If not, you can take another by tapping Retake photo.
  • You can also ask someone to take a photo for you. In this case, you’ll just need to switch to the rear camera.

Here’s some advice on how to take a proper selfie:

Before uploading a selfie with your document on the Verification form, please make sure to follow photo requirements:

  • You are looking straight at the camera.
  • Your background has a light, neutral colour.
  • Your selfie is in colour.
  • No red eye!
  • Information on your document must be clearly visible.
  • Ensure that all important information is visible. If the document or your face is unclear, you can take a selfie again by tapping the Retake photo button.
  • Choose a neutral background and make sure there are no accessories on your face (e.g. eyeglasses, hat, etc.).

In case of a low-quality selfie, the Compliance Officer may ask you to try uploading it once more.

Step 2. Verify your address (Verified account type)


To complete verification, you need to confirm your address and social media profiles. You can pass this stage only after you’ve submitted your application for Identity Verification.

1. Choose the document you’ll use to prove your address.

You can provide a bank statement, electricity bill, utility bill, tax return/council tax document, or another official document with your address. The important thing is that the document contains your first and last name, address, and credentials of the entity issuing the document on the same page. When choosing a document, also note that we accept only documents issued within the last 4 months and with Latin characters or with Latin transliteration.

After you’ve taken a photo, check that it’s easily readable. If it isn’t, you can try again by tapping the Retake photo button. Once you’ve taken a clear photo, confirm that it’s readable to proceed. You can upload up to 10 pages of the document if necessary and delete some of them in this step.

2. After you’ve provided a photo of your address verification document, fill in your address information.

This includes your street address, apartment/suite number (optional), country, state/province, county (if applicable), city, and zip code. Once you’ve filled in all the fields, check that all information is correct and tap Next.

As soon as you’ve finished with the proof of address, proceed with confirming social profiles. This step is optional, but filling it increases your chances to pass verification successfully. When you tap Next, you'll see a notification about why we ask you to complete this step. If you tap Next for the second time, your application will be sent without information about your social media profiles.


Please provide a link to your personal profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social network. You’re also welcome to provide a link to a website. A link to your website is not obligatory, however, it will help compliance officers when considering your verification application.

After you’ve submitted the necessary information, your application will be placed in the queue and will receive a number. Compliance officers process all applications in turn, so you’ll have an estimate of how long you’ll need to wait to get verified. As soon as there’s a decision on your verification request, you’ll be updated in the app and by email.

In some cases, the compliance team may need to ask for clarification or for photos of higher quality. In such a situation, the status of your application will change to Action needed. If this happens, simply review the information and the documents provided. After you’ve made the necessary corrections, your application will be sent for our review again.

If the compliance department rejects your verification application, you won’t be able to apply for verification for the next 30 days. After this period you can resubmit a verification request.

Passing identity verification gives you increased deposit and withdrawal limits, but you can get even higher limits. To do this, apply for the next verification level. There are two more stages: Enhanced and Corporate verifications.


To apply for Enhanced and Corporate verification levels, submit a request via the app by tapping the Submit request button for the respective verification level. You’ll then receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

We hope that the new verification flow will enable a better experience with CEX.IO for you. We’ll ask you to provide us with feedback on the verification process to help us improve it further. We would be grateful for your response, as your feedback will help us to ensure that our service meets your needs and is as simple as possible to use.  

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